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As security technologies change within for both home and commercial use, we're always on the cusp of what's new and groundbreaking. Learn more about the latest news and information on security cameras, video analytics, smart technologies, alarm systems, remove viewing, carbon monoxide and fire safety, and others. 


Leveraging Occupancy Tracking for Fire Code Compliance: A Guide by General Security

A smart occupancy tracking system not only makes it easier to remain fire code compliant, but enables your business to optimize space allocation and layout, improve staffing and scheduling, and enhance inventory and supply chain management.

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Top 5 Fire Prevention Tips for Commercial Businesses

When safeguarding your employees, assets, and place of business from life-threatening elements, such as smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide, conducting regular safety measures with periodic fire drills, evacuation plans, device testing, and more can be the difference between injuries, accidents, and even fatalities.

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How Access Control Systems Can Protect All Businesses

Automated access control systems protect staff and property, monitor productivity, provide useful analytics, and more—whether a small business, multi-unit corporation, hospital system, or retail store.

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10 Beneficial Smart Home Features for Back-to-School Season

Useful smart home technologies for families during back-to-school season include automated smart locks, security cameras with real-time check-ins, interior temperature management, pre-programmed geofencing scenes, and more.

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