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How to Choose a Front Door Security Camera

Published 09/30/2020 by General Security


Front door cameras operate as your eyes and ears when you can’t be home or at your workplace. Aside from safeguarding and protecting your home, property, and loved ones, they facilitate check-ins with family members, guests, and even pets.

Utilized to deter would-be intruders, trespassers, and vandals, these cameras also employ invaluable smart features, such as motion detection and lighting, video analytics, remote viewing, and two-way audio

Several important factors to consider when deciding which model to purchase includes network interconnectivity, smart applications, image resolution, and more. 

Here’s a helpful breakdown of this technology’s benefits, options, and accompanying smart features, along with several installation tips.



Adding security cameras to your home or workplace grants protection from intrusions, break-ins, and other crimes. Deciding exactly where to implement this technology is another important decision. 

Cameras monitoring your property’s front door and porch area are paramount for theft deterrence and apprehension. According to the nonprofit International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a whopping “34% of burglars enter through the front door.”

Front door cameras with smart technologies enable users to check in with loved ones. Utilizing the app via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer ensures the well-being of children, elderly relatives, and pets. 



Most front door cameras are designed to withstand harsh and inclement weather, vandalism, and other damage. They can also be used for visitor identification, driveway surveillance, and suspicious vehicle alerts. front door cameras offered by General Security include the following models:


These tube-shaped cameras provide long-range nighttime vision and detection for 1080hp resolution and video analytics. Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities make it an easy, do-it-yourself (DIY) option.

Most front door cameras are designed to withstand harsh and inclement weather, vandalism, and other damage.


Mini Bullet

The Mini Bullet is optimized for outdoor video surveillance. Its compact design makes it ideal for smaller spaces, apartment entrances, and door peepholes.

This model can also be used wired or wireless through the PoE Wi-Fi Bridge, which connects compatible devices across any local wireless network. 


These turret/dome cameras provide inconspicuous front-door surveillance for the largest 360-degree view field. A protective cover deters thieves and vandals. 


Wireless & Internet Protocol (IP)

When paired with video analytics, front door wireless and IP cameras are optimized for day and night vision, with the latter providing coverage up to 40 feet. Easy installation, portability, lack of drilling and wires make these suitable for apartment living and DIYers.

User-controlled tripwires and zones triggered by motion, provide real-time mobile alert notifications before the intruder enters the property, and can even be set to turn on interior or exterior smart lights.  

The app can also be used to program lights and electronic devices for auto shutdown. This maintains electric bill stability and energy efficiency.



Many consumers opt for wired or wireless doorbell cameras. These offer similar qualities of traditional front door cameras, such as two-way audio, wide-angle viewing, night vision, motion detection, and video surveillance.

Such models can also remotely answer and unlock your door when you’re not there. This is helpful when you need to let in an expected guest, household worker, childcare provider, or delivery person—all from the convenience of a mobile device. 


Placement & Installation

Many assume the best camera placement is the highest point above your front door—yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. While it might provide a larger field of vision, your camera’s resolution won’t have the highest clarity. This could become problematic when trying to differentiate specific activities.

The recommended installation point for any mounted security camera is between 8 and 10 feet from the ground. It’s low enough to pick up finite details, while still deterring theft and vandalism. 

Direct sunlight is a consideration for exterior front door cameras. Placement should be away from glare and bright areas, as this will block or distort imagery and video.

Some homeowners install cameras inconspicuously to thwart tampering and vandalism. Choosing a camera that’s durable and tamper-proof helps ease these concerns. It’s best to install wired cameras within outdoor soffits where they can’t be easily spotted, cut, and damaged. 


The recommended installation point for any mounted security camera is between 8 and 10 feet from the ground.  

Determining Your Choice

Whether you select a professional or DIY solution, General Security can assist with camera choice, placement services, smart technology, and installation. 

General Security provides residential and commercial security cameras, video surveillance, and smart technology solutions for peace of mind and safety. Request a free, contactless quote from us today.

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