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Security for Small Business

Every businessperson knows that installing a security system is a good idea—but unfortunately, not everyone actually installs one until it’s too late. 

There’s nothing more important than the security of your business. Your livelihood needs protection from intruders, as well as theft from both customers and employees. Don’t forget about monitoring smoke and carbon monoxide levels, as those factors also count as crucial security measures.

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But it’s about more than merely adding security devices. You also require the peace of mind in knowing that any components you add are connected to a 24/7 central station monitoring service.

This vital layer of protection ensures your business is always connected to the proper authorities and first responders who can immediately respond to any potential threats or incidents. 

Choose from the following components, such as:

Keycard entry system and security camera outside building

Burglar Alarm Systems

Protect your business’ interior and exterior premises from intruders and break-ins.

You can choose from one to all of the following components:


Control Panels and Keypads:

These provide complete control over your security system from within your business, but also via remote access.

Alarm Sensors:

Monitor changes in your business environment, such as motion detection.

Door Locks:

Add a unique code should you or authorized employees forget keys or become locked out. Smart automation facilitates remote access from your mobile device.

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras:

The protection you need to ensure your business is safeguarded 24/7. Monitor interior and exterior activities whether you’re at your business or not.

  • Remote monitoring through the app alerts you to unusual activities within your business.
  • Security cameras can also work as tracking and reporting devices to monitor your employee productivity or to review an in-house accident.

Fire Protection

Installing a fire alarm system requires essential state codes and regulations. This includes system installation, related monitoring, and testing/inspection.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

These protect you and your employees from inhaling smoke and noxious gases that could emanate from a source, such as gas fireplaces, appliances, and other devices. Having a smoke and carbon monoxide detector installed in your small business is another step to safeguarding it against this deadly gas, while also protecting it against fires.

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Fleet Management & Monitoring

Increase safety for drivers and vehicles on the move with Connected Car from Real-time mobile app alerts can track your fleet’s location, movement diagnostics, speeding alerts, and other important information for added protection and awareness. car connector promo with app screenshot and people in car driving

Smart Home and Business Monitoring Capabilities

Home security systems that utilize any of the above elements can be integrated into your small-to-medium business (SMB) solution. Business owners can utilize home automation technology to monitor any suspicious activity and can even receive alerts to any potential security breaches. 

The goal of smart home security technology is rather basic—it’s to make life easier, more comfortable, and more efficient. These benefits are just as important in your small- or medium-sized business. A true SMB solution allows you to remotely monitor business activities from your home and vice-versa. 

This interconnected security protocol adds to your overall peace of mind. Meanwhile, if you work from a home office, consider adding separate security technologies within your specific space.

Learn how Louis G. Pillari, Director of Oyster Bay Funeral Home, has trusted General Security to provide exceptional security and automation services for his business. 

Pillari notes his system’s remote monitoring feature is just one of the many elements motivating him to trust General Security with his business security needs.

Professional vs. DIY Installation

Whether you want a professional, experienced installer to put your security system in place or you’re more of a DIY-type personality, General Security has your solution. All of the technologies and equipment mentioned here are available to you in both professionally installed systems and self-installations.

For professional installation, our technicians work to ensure you receive the desired solution within a reasonable timeframe. For DIY installations, you can choose any—or all—of the available security elements.

Through advancements in technology, DIY installations have become easier in recent years, but you might still have questions about the process. This is why you can reach out to us for guidance in remedying questions or overcoming any obstacles you might face during the installation process.


Hear from happy customers

General Security detected an issue with my Alarm System. They contacted me concerning this matter. We set up a date for them to diagnose the issue. They came to my shop on time and fixed the problem. The technician was very nice and very professional and more importantly out of my way. I'm so grateful.

Michael Gharib

Burglar Alarm Systems

Safeguard Your Employees & Inventory From Theft

Video Surveillance

Know What's Happening At All Times

Fire Alarm Design and Installation

Protect Employees From Fire & Smoke Inhalation

Video Intercom/Entrance Technology

Monitor & Control Your Building Entrance

Keycard Systems

Control, Restrict & Monitor Hallways, Elevators, Stairwells, Doors & Main Entrances

Specific Market Solutions

Depending on your type of business, you’re likely to have specific needs when it comes to security protection. 
You can choose from various SMB-specific solutions that are directly related to your market.



Retail shops require 24/7 protection from internal and external thefts and break-ins. As a business owner, you also need to manage productivity and monitor consumer behavior.

Customize your SMB security solution with the following technologies:

Security cameras and accompanying video monitoring can be used to protect your business from intruders, as well as guard against employee and customer theft.

You can also use this technology to measure employee productivity and customer buying and ordering patterns.


From the kitchen to dining/bar area, you need to ensure food safety handling and requirements are met. This can be done through:

Access Control: Ensure unauthorized employees aren’t gaining entry into your food and liquor storage areas. By adding access systems, you have the ability to control, restrict, and monitor from theft and unauthorized entry. This could also include a security camera solution. 

Temperature Control: Control your restaurant’s thermostat by adding smart technologies. You can raise or lower temperatures to ensure optimal heating and cooling. This provides your guests with added comfort, but also ensures your perishable areas are free from contamination.

Professional Services

Monitor Risk: Security cameras, accompanying video monitoring, and access control measures provide peace of mind that unauthorized employees aren’t handling sensitive data.


Security systems for your medical office or facility must comply with government regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your solution can include security cameras and video monitoring, as well as access control to ensure compliance and access control measures.

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