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Choosing the Right Security Cameras for Your Business's Monitoring Needs

Published 01/17/2024 by General Security

The most common security cameras for business monitoring include dome, bullet, pan-tilt-zoom, wireless, internet protocol, thermal, and 360-degree cameras. Choosing the right security camera will depend on whether you ...

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Commercial Security Systems

The Advantages of Queue Monitoring for Retail & Service Businesses

Published 01/10/2024 by General Security

Customers don’t like waiting in lines. Service and retail workers get burned out being on the receiving end of grouchy guests forced to stand in long queues. And managers become irritated when backed-up checkouts ...

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Home Security Tips Security Systems

Pros & Cons of Installing Your Own Home Alarm System

Published 01/08/2024 by General Security

You may still be wondering whether a do-it-yourself (DIY) home alarm system is right for you. A major component of that equation revolves around questions of installation. With advancements in home alarm technology, ...

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Commercial Security Systems

Using Business Security Cameras to Optimize Business Operations

Published 01/03/2024 by General Security

If your business is already outfitted with security cameras, then you’re probably looking for more ways this investment can benefit your business. Or you might be earlier in the process, learning about the components of ...

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Commercial Security Systems

Using Heat Mapping to Optimize Retail Displays & Boost Sales

Published 12/20/2023 by General Security

Savvy retailers are always looking for ways to streamline processes, save on operation costs, and boost sales.

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Security Cameras Commercial Security Systems Access Control

How Crowd Management Technologies Can Help Assess Appropriate Security Needs

Published 12/13/2023 by General Security

Ensuring crowd safety is critical within public venues, retail shops, restaurants, and other commercial spaces. Doing so effectively helps you avert suspicious and unlawful activities, and protect your employees, ...

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Security Cameras Fire Alarm Systems Security Systems Smart Homes

Smart Safety Devices to Protect Your Family & Home

Published 12/11/2023 by General Security

When was the last time you thought about fire and safety protection for your family and home? It’s a vitally important consideration. Simply put: Smart devices such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, and flood ...

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Fire Alarm Systems Commercial Security Systems

The Benefits of People Counting for Retail Store Management

Published 12/06/2023 by General Security

Suppose your retail store had a big sales weekend and many customers came through your aisles. You don’t know how many people actually came through your store, however, and expected big revenue only to find out there ...

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Fire Alarm Systems

Leveraging Occupancy Tracking for Fire Code Compliance: A Guide by General Security

Published 11/28/2023 by General Security

Fire codes aim to prevent fire hazards and ensure the safety of buildings and occupants. Adhering to fire codes is not only a legal obligation, but also a moral responsibility for your business.

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