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How An Alarm System Works

Published 12/04/2018 by General Security

Most people understand that an alarm system is a key safety measure to protect property and loved ones from threats. The way an alarm system does so is likely lesser known. Alarm systems are typically comprised of a ...

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How to Prevent Employee Theft in Retail

Published 11/29/2018 by General Security

Employee theft is a problem that all businesses should be wary of, if they aren’t already. It doesn’t discriminate against company size, industry or location.   The 2018 National Retail Security Survey, conducted by the ...

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General Security & Celebrate Incredible Partnership

Published 11/12/2018 by General Security

Plainview, N.Y.-based security company General Security has a long-standing partnership with, an innovative platform for security service providers. The two came together recently to celebrate new and improved ...

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Fire Alarm Systems

Is Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping?

Published 10/30/2018 by General Security

Installing a carbon monoxide (CO) detector in both commercial and residential buildings is extremely important, as it indicates the presence of the odorless, colorless, tasteless, and fatal gas. An effective detector ...

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Can a Gas Fireplace Cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Published 10/16/2018 by General Security

Carbon monoxide poisoning can severely damage the human nervous and respiratory systems, as well as the brain and heart. It can sometimes even be fatal, since it deprives the body of oxygen, a vital nutrient critical to ...

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What Is the DSC Iotega Kit?

Published 10/02/2018 by General Security

Electronic security company Digital Security Controls (DSC) has released a new product to keep properties safer and easier to manage.

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Home Security Tips

7 Beneficial Connected Home Devices

Published 09/21/2018 by General Security

Connected home devices are steadily becoming staples within American households. These gadgets, appliances and other equipment utilize 'smart' technology to communicate with each other and manage specific tasks via ...

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Smart Home Features Great for Back-to-School Season

Published 09/06/2018 by General Security

With summer ending, many people are getting back to their old routines and hectic schedules. Adopting new ways to keep your family safe and manage the household more efficiently will help make this time of year less ...

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Connecting Thermostat to Your Security System

Published 08/23/2018 by General Security

One of the chief benefits of 'smart' technology is its connectivity to other compatible devices to create a more streamlined and convenient user experience. With the rise of the smart home, consolidating all the ways to ...

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Security Cameras

4 Benefits of Commercial Security Camera Systems

Published 08/09/2018 by General Security

Being a business owner means you have what seems like a never-ending list of responsibilities. Purchasing a security system is one of them—and for good reason. There are several significant advantages to installing a ...

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