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How to Pick the Best Luxury Home Security System

Published 04/03/2019 by General Security

Luxury home security systems need to be robust, responsive and reliable. Unfortunately, many entry-level packages often touted as such simply aren't. When determining the ideal specifications to protect your home and ...

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Security Systems

Geofencing Security Systems: How Do They Work?

Published 03/20/2019 by General Security

Have you ever fumbled to unlock your front door while carrying groceries inside? Most people do. But what if your front door unlocked, a light turned on, and your security system disarmed, as you walked up to the house, ...

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Security Cameras

Best Home Security Monitoring Camera Features

Published 03/01/2019 by General Security

When considering investing in a home security monitoring camera—either to be installed DIY or professionally as part of a larger home security system package—you’ll want to conduct some research to ensure it includes ...

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1080p vs. 720p Security Cameras

Published 02/20/2019 by General Security

A top specification to consider when comparing security cameras is resolution. This indicates the level of detail it provides, and thus, how well or poorly intruders will be able to be identified or recognized from ...

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Pros & Cons of Installing Your Own Home Alarm System

Published 01/30/2019 by General Security

There are many pros and cons of installing your own home alarm system, but most people prioritize price without considering equally important factors, such as the caliber of equipment, flexibility of associated ...

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4 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Published 01/22/2019 by General Security

Smart home technology is becoming utilized more and more within homes, for a wide range of reasons. Whether just one device or an entire network, homeowners are taking advantage of its many extraordinary features and ...

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Fire Alarm Systems Security Systems

How An Alarm System Works

Published 12/04/2018 by General Security

Most people understand that an alarm system is a key safety measure to protect property and loved ones from threats. The way an alarm system does so is likely lesser known. Alarm systems are typically comprised of a ...

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How to Prevent Employee Theft in Retail

Published 11/29/2018 by General Security

Employee theft is a problem that all businesses should be wary of, if they aren’t already. It doesn’t discriminate against company size, industry or location.   The 2018 National Retail Security Survey, conducted by the ...

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General Security & Celebrate Incredible Partnership

Published 11/12/2018 by General Security

Plainview, N.Y.-based security company General Security has a long-standing partnership with, an innovative platform for security service providers. The two came together recently to celebrate new and improved ...

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Fire Alarm Systems

Is Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping?

Published 10/30/2018 by General Security

Installing a carbon monoxide (CO) detector in both commercial and residential buildings is extremely important, as it indicates the presence of the odorless, colorless, tasteless, and fatal gas. An effective detector ...

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