Energy Management

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Managing your home’s energy consumption is equally important as its security. Saving money is the goal of all homeowners—and now you can remotely control multiple functions, such as heating and cooling, electrical and water usage, all from the convenience of a mobile device.

Taking control of these household elements through smart home automation enables you to save some cash while contributing to a greener lifestyle. Plus, you’ll no longer have to worry if lights and appliances were inadvertently left on or if you forgot to activate your outdoor security lights. app on phone in front of room with security panel on wall


Remote Automation

Easily monitor all your energy management elements through technology. You’ll receive immediate benefits as soon as the app is downloaded so that you can remotely manage and control everything via one central mobile device—from anywhere in the world. 

When you implement a security camera that’s powered by, you’ll receive all the benefits of its accompanying app to monitor various safety, security, and wellness elements.

These can include, but aren’t limited to:

Thermostats & Temperature Sensors

Conveniently manage your home’s cooling and heating with pre-set temperature schedules remotely managed by you or a designated user of your choice—complete with a lock-out feature that prevents unauthorized usage. 

Smart sensors also adapt to extreme changes in weather patterns, automatically adjusting your thermostat’s settings based on external spikes or drops in temperature. thermostat
Qolsys IQ Outlet with smart technology in room

Smart Outlets 

The addition of smart plugs and outlets give you the power to monitor electronic device usage, while the app allows you to program for auto shutdown. Utilize this feature to control lighting for energy efficiency, electric bill stability, and added security measures.

Smart Lights

You can also connect lighting to your security system. Never worry about leaving lights on all day while you’re at work or out of town. Z-Wave LED light bulbs facilitate pre-scheduled times for lights to dim or turn on/off. Set an app rule for additional protection to activate smart bulbs should your camera detect outdoor motion.

Man looking at alarm app on cell phone
Woman controlling kitchen appliance through app on her phone

Appliance Management 

Take control of your home’s major kitchen appliances, like an oven or stovetop, for safety and energy management. 

With automation and monitoring features on home appliances, experience the added benefit of peace of mind when it comes to caring for a loved one suffering from an ailment that compromises their safety.

Water Usage 

Manage your home’s outdoor sprinkler system’s watering schedules to lower your water bill and avoid waste. 

Additional features including leak detection and auto shut off help you engage in energy efficiency, while also protecting against water damage and other incidents.

Sprinkling system going off on residential lawn

Related Equipment

Ensure you’re adding the appropriate components when connecting an energy management system to your home.

Consider the following options:

Control Panels & Keypads

Adjust your temperature, control outdoor watering schedules, and manage all of your home’s energy efficiency with one central device.

Water Leaks & Flood Detectors

Consider adding to bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements or any area of your home that might be prone to leaks and/or flooding.

Z Wave Wall Switches 

Remotely schedule and control your home’s on/off electrical switches. This can be easily wired in place of a standard wall switch.

Z Wave Dimmable LED Bulbs

Adding illumination and energy savings to your home, this bulb uses only nine watts and is estimated to save approximately $140 throughout its average lifespan.*

*Average Lifespan (Based on usage of three (3) hours/day): ~25,000 Hours (~22.8 years)

Stove & Grill Guards

These water-resistant knobs can be attached to your stove and/or grill for sensory automation. Never worry again about fires, gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning because a knob was accidentally turned on or you forgot to shut it off.

Amazon & Google Voice Recognition

Easy integration enables voice activation and control of functions such as your thermostats, lighting, and appliances.

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