How to Install Your Home Security System

If you choose a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method for your home security system, you can pick from our full complement of products and equipment. Help is also available for questions or concerns during your process.

Getting Started

Decide what you’re trying to achieve, the equipment you’ll need, and your budget. You might want a full home security system with related components. This could include—but isn’t limited to—indoor/outdoor security cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smart alarm sensors, and smart door locks. 

Adding smart home automation is also something to consider. You can control all of these components remotely from any mobile device. 

If your budget is a concern or you want to add a limited number of technologies at a time, consider your most important security needs first. Then, integrate other security measures at a later date.

For your added protection, 24/7 central monitoring services for any—or all—of your security elements is available.

Qolsys IQ Smoke Detector on top of ceiling

Fire & Life Safety Technology

Installing wireless smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors counts as a critical component of your home’s fire and life safety plan. Each detector sounds an alarm when smoke and/or carbon monoxide is detected, alerting both residents and relevant first responders.

Alarm Sensors

These detect changes within the monitored environment. If there’s any movement on your premises, such as a door opening or someone walking by, a real-time alert notifies you of any activities—whether you’re home or not.
four ways image sensor with phones utilizing app
Window on side of house with big break in the window

Glass Break Sensors

While lesser-known, these are a critical component of your home security system, especially if you have several windows. The sensors are activated by the noise or vibration of a shattering window. It triggers an alarm and subsequent alert signal to your system.

Video Camera Monitoring

You can facilitate remote monitoring of your indoor and outdoor cameras with advanced technology that works with your home security system. Video camera monitoring clearly identifies any suspicious trespassers and would-be thieves from invading your premises. 

Man typing on computer looking at Home Security Camera Feed

Door Locks

Locking and unlocking your doors directly from your mobile device is another layer of home security protection. This technology protects from intruders, but also lends a helping hand should you forget your keys or accidentally get locked out.

Smart Home Automation

If you’re looking for a seamless security experience that can be controlled by your mobile device or PC, then consider adding smart home automation. This technology facilitates responses, such as remotely checking an outdoor security camera when you’re not home and locking your door. You can also use it for proactive tasks, such as thermostat temperature control and automatically creating a watering schedule for your outdoor sprinkler, which can save money on your water bill.

Woman using Qolsys IQ Panel in home

Touchscreen Control Panels

You have completed control of all of your home security features through one, all-encompassing control panel. This can be connected to any mobile device or PC to facilitate easy tasks, such as activating your alarms, adjusting heating/cooling functions, and providing a live video feed from your doorbell and home security cameras.

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