Remote video monitoring

Monitor Your Property from Anywhere, At Any Time

Safeguard and protect your family and home with remote check-ins from the convenience of  any mobile device or personal computer.

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Continuous Monitoring & Peace of Mind

With current health and safety concerns, it’s paramount to know your loved ones, property, and home are secure. But threats can strike at any time, that’s why you want an alarm and monitoring system that gives you the power of surveillance even when you’re not there.

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Alleviate any worries regarding break-ins, intrusions, and other life and safety issues when you’re not home. Powered by, remote video monitoring offers several important benefits, including: 

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Awareness
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Professional Video Analytics 
  • Mobile App Features


Central Station Monitoring

Adding remote monitoring technology grants an added security layer through Central Station Monitoring. Think of this solution as Your Home’s Secret Guardian, providing constant coverage directly linked to your local law enforcement and first responders in the event of an emergency.

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Adding remote monitoring to your home security package provides access to important features.

Real-Time Alerts

You’ll receive real-time text message and email messages alerting you to events such as:

  • Alarm Disarm/Arm
  • Opened Doors & Windows
  • Front Porch Activities
  • Backyard Visitors

Camera Resolution

High-resolution video facilitates the clearest activity viewing levels within your home’s interior and exterior. This also grants clarity when streaming video feeds to your PC or laptop.

Video Analytics

By far one of the most important remote viewing components, this software reduces false notifications and alerts through its ability to differentiate from a vehicle, animal, or human entering your property. Pre-programmed virtual tripwires and activity zones can also be set up through this technology. 

Multiple Location Viewing

Observe various angles from multiple locations on the same screen through your camera’s pan/tilt capabilities. 

Secure Data Storage

Off-site cloud hosting manages and ensures tamper-free and safe storage for further data review and archiving.

Continuous Recording

The stream video recorder (SVR) demonstrates high-resolution viewing for 365/24/7 recording. This ensures constant activity capture without compromising your network connection and speed.

Remote Video Monitoring Components

Consider the following technology equipment to round out your home’s remote video monitoring experience.

Indoor & Outdoor Cameras

Choose from various models to ensure your home’s interior and exterior are fully protected.

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Doorbell Cameras

Keep porch pirates, solicitors, and other unwanted guests at bay through contactless two-way audio communication and high-resolution video.

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Smart Home Integration

Easily add and connect smart home technologies to monitor other common household activities through the mobile app.

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Control Panels & Key Pads

These function as the central control point of your home security system.

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