Commercial Security Systems

Businesses face challenges, from robberies to internal theft, workplace customer disputes, as well as threats from nature, including fires and other disasters. We provide businesses with security systems that meet their safety needs.

burglar in commercial building

Burglary Protection

Keep your business safe with a General Security alarm system. Whether in the office or away, this will provide you the protection you need.

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commercial fire alarm hardware

Fire Alarms

General Security’s team of skilled designers, engineers, and technicians have installed our fire alarm systems in a variety of commercial settings, including schools, universities, grocery stores, shopping malls, and financial institutions.

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intercom entrance systems hardware

Intercom / Entrance

A video-based intercom/entrance system is a critical part of securing any commercial property, whether a school campus, corporate office, or government facility.

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man monitoring video systems

Video Surveillance

With high-resolution video surveillance capabilities, your security system can capture who is on your property and at what time. This way, you can see if there is any suspicious activity going on.

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commercial access card control

Access Card Control

To add another layer of security, the commercial systems we offer include access control options. Installing these systems, which require a person to use a keycard or key fob to get into building, helps ensure only those allowed into the building are granted access.

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