Easy & Secure Two-Way Communication Systems

Safeguard your commercial property, campus, corporate office, or government facility with convenient video-based intercom/entrance systems.


Intercom System with person going to press button

High-Quality Audio & Video

Implementing an intercom system with both audio and video at your facility’s entry points facilitates access control and monitoring, while also keeping unauthorized visitors away and employees safe.

Often referred to as telephone entry systems, two-way intercom systems grant an extra security layer for employee, property, and asset protection. Not only can staff receive a visual of who is requiring entry, they can easily provide authorization with one central access button.

Employee Access & Communication

Intercoms can also be used internally for employee communication, announcements, and convenient access to a specified facility area.

Adding an intercom entrance system to your commercial facility provides the following advantages and features:

  • Remote Activation
  • Discreetly Identify Visitors Through Audio & Video
  • High Resolution Monitors
  • Central Station Monitoring
  • Internal Communication Abilities
  • Touchscreen Entry Panels & Voice Access
  • Multi-Language Translation Options
  • User-Friendly Software

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