Burglar Alarm Systems

General Security's Burglar Alarm Systems Will Give You Some Much-Needed "Peace of Mind"

Burglar in office building

Immediate Response

When it comes to protecting your business, you only want the best. At General Security, our professional staff ensures the burglar alarm systems we offer will give you the “peace of mind” you’re looking for.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

General Security uses top-quality equipment, featuring manufacturers like General Electric, UTC and Honeywell, and QOLSYS and 2 Gig (Nortek). These systems utilize several advantageous features, including:

  • Control Panels (With Two-Way Voice Capability So You Can Speak to a Dispatcher at Any Time)
  • Key Pads
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Interior Motion Sensors (Pet-Friendly Models Available!)
  • Glass Break Devices
  • Audible Alarm Sirens
  • Strobes
  • Remote Controls
  • Yard Signs and Window Stickers

Always Connected

With the help of General Security's burglar alarm system, with tamper-resistant celluar connection, by Alarm.com, you will be able to completely control your office from anywhere, as long as you have a smartphone, iPad, or PC. This enables you to arm and disarm your home or business on-the-go, as well as view the recent activity on the premises. In fact, with the user code creation capability, you can activate and disable a one-of-a-kind code to make sure other people cannot control your security system.

Further, the Crash & Smash™ Protection feature ensures your security system will continue to work and protect your property against unwanted visitors even if your control panel is damaged.


What Goes Into A Typical Burglar Alarm System

The General Security burglar alarm system can be hardwired or wireless, with the ability to be activated and controlled from anywhere via PC, iPad, or smartphone.


iq control panel

Control Panels and Key Pads

Having complete control over all the features that make up your home security system is essential.

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Smart Alarm Sensors

Smart alarm sensors detect changes in an environment, particularly movement which will signal the alarm to go off, letting you know of the activity. 

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kwikset lock

Door Locks

With advanced technology, these door locks do much more than secure the entry ways into your home.

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video camera

Indoor & Outdoor Video Camera Monitoring

Security cameras are the extra eyes you need to make sure home invaders and thieves stay away or will be caught in the act. 

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