Burglar Alarm Security Systems

Business and home assets require burglar alarm security systems that consistently monitor and immediately respond in case of incidents. General Security 24/7 protection safeguards your employees, commercial facility, property, and assets. When managing your daily business activities, you have many components to handle, and your organization’s burglar alarm security systems is one that should never be overlooked. Protecting your employees and property are paramount to safety—even when you can’t be there.


Continuous Monitoring & Peace of Mind

With current health and safety concerns, it’s paramount to know your loved ones, property, and home are secure. But threats can strike at any time, that’s why you want an alarm and monitoring system that gives you the power of surveillance even when you’re not there.

Commercial Burglar Alarm Security Systems Components

When creating your commercial security plan, you can add more than just traditional burglar alarm security systems. Additional equipment for consistent, all-encompassing monitoring provides quick, efficient, and real-time alerts of any incidents that could potentially occur on your premises. Our Central Station monitoring directly connects your business to law enforcement in the event of an intrusion or other emergency-related events. You’ll also receive real-time alerts and updates through the Alarm.com app. Learn more about the most advanced technological pieces that should be the focal point of every commercial organization’s burglar alarm security systems plan. Consider the following technological equipment to complement your organization’s security plan. Complete burglar alarm security systems feature most of these components;

  • Remote Video Surveillance
  • Smart Technology Integration
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Motion Detection & Video Analytics
Security worker using walkie talkie to communicate with team in dark security room

Commercial Burglar Alarm System Components

Are you ready to partner with the best in burglar alarm security protection? We have the award-winning burglar alarm security systems options you need to protect your property. Contact us today to request a quote.


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Control Panels & Key Pads

The main central control point of your commercial security system, this device manages all of your technology—from a single device.


Contact Sensors

These adhere to doors and windows, alerting you to intrusions or break-ins inside your building and outdoor property. Utilize the Alarm.com app to set smart triggers, such as indoor/outdoor lights, and motion detection with video analytics.


Security Cameras

Choose from indoor, outdoor, or front entrance cameras to monitor deliveries, building access control, employee communication and productivity, and unauthorized visitors.


Smart Door Locks 

Automatically lock and unlock doors from your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and receive alerts if a door is ever left ajar or unlatched.

Additional Equipment

Consider the following technology equipment to complement your organization’s security plan.

Remote Video Surveillance

Check in from the convenience of any mobile device or PC to alleviate worries regarding break-ins or instructions when you can’t be on the premises.

Smart Technology Integration

Easily add and connect smart technologies to monitor, pre-program, and activate other safety initiatives through the Alarm.com mobile app.

Glass Break Sensors

Place these on or near windows for detection when intruders attempt to smash or break glass windows or doors. Especially important for large, vulnerable areas, an alarm will sound alerting that a space has been compromised.

Motion Detection & Video Analytics

Pre-programmed tripwires and activity zones offer real-time surveillance and notifications, triggering indoor/outdoor lights or other functions, before an intruder gains access to your property.

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