Wellness System

Protect Your Loved Ones with Our Wellness System



The help of a reliable, modern wellness system makes it easy to live independently and safely. This is a great option for people who have elderly family members living alone.

Stay Up-to-Date on How Your Loved One is Doing

The Alarm.com wellness system we provide our customers offers several features to help ensure your loved one will be taken care of in case of a medical or fire emergency:

  • Activity Pattern Tracker to let you become familiar with and monitor your loved one’s daily activities.
  • Real-time Notifications & Alerts if any of your loved one’s activity is unusual, or not typically a part of his or her routine. This includes staying in bed late or leaving the house at a peculiar time.
  • Home Automation so you can schedule to the lights to turn on at a certain time each day or the doors to lock each night, for example.
  • There are automation options you can utilize—temperature, lighting, locks, and security settings, for instance—to make managing your home easier.
  • Integration with Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants or wristbands.


Instantly Speak With a Trained Emergency Call Specialist

This unique wellness system combines three easy-to-use alert devices. Simply press one button to be connected to an operator, who is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in case of a burglary or medical or fire emergency. Once the button is pressed, a call is initiated to our response center. A trained professional will speak with the person in crisis, helping him or her and contacting emergency services if needed.

All three devices—a tabletop unit, a wristband unit, and a necklace (pendant) unit—all establish a live, two-way speakerphone call with our response center.

Whether a health issue or other personal emergency, General Security is here for you, and we are just a push of a button away. Contact us today to learn more about what General Security can do for you!



What Goes Into a Wellness System

The General Security wellness system can be hardwired or wireless, with the ability to be activated and controlled from anywhere via PC, iPad, or smartphone.


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Control Panels and Key Pads

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Smart Home Automation

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Smoke & CO Detector

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