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Home Safety to Protect Property & Loved Ones

Protecting loved ones and property is your utmost concern. In order to safeguard that which you hold most dear, you must ensure you’re receiving the highest level of security—even when you aren’t home. But it’s more than merely having access to security, it’s also crucial to understand which features and benefits are best for your individual property.

Remote Control With

Manage your home security system through the app. Control and receive real-time alerts from your mobile device to manage security cameras, arm and disarm alarm systems, adjust heating and cooling, and control door locks and lights.

Home Security Components

To understand what’s best for your needs, examine the most advantageous product features—all of which are designed to keep your home and loved ones safe and happy. 

Doorbell Cameras

These 1080p cameras include motion sensors, color night vision, and real-time alerts for a safer, smarter home

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

Monitor interior and exterior activities within your home and around your property. Receive real-time alerts to your mobile device and implement a tripwire with video analytics technology.


New Product!

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Receive 24/7 peace of mind and the comfort of knowing your loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way with  Connected Car. Offering vehicle tracking access, this device, which can be remotely controlled via the app, also provides real-time monitoring and diagnostics, along with safety alerts for a low monthly fee.

Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Monitors

Safeguard your loved ones with immediate alerts to the possible presence of smoke and potentially fatal carbon monoxide fumes. 

Video Surveillance

Remotely monitor your home via real-time video feeds to know what’s happening when you can’t be there.


Wellness Benefits

Care When You’re Not There

Wellcam’s two-way audio and video components facilitate communication with your loved one’s as if you’re both in the same room.

Hear from happy customers

Tech was professional, friendly and neat. Got the system updated with new smoke alarms and made sure that all other alarm functions were working properly. Would highly recommend.

Richard Schrafel

Another company had come in for some repair work and messed up our security system. I was a little frantic because we were getting ready to go on vacation. I called  General Security and they came down and assessed the situation and were able to make repairs before we left for vacation. The service person was kind and very capable. A great company!

Karen Castellano

Central Station Monitoring

Your Home’s Secret Guardian 

In the event of an intrusion, your alarm system will sound and connect directly to law enforcement through central station monitoring technology. This greatly increases your chances of keeping criminals at bay, while also protecting your home and loved ones.

Did You Know?

Any home that doesn’t have the protection of a security system is three times more likely to be broken into than a house with a system in place.

Managing a Smart Home

Consider implementing smart automation to remotely control various home security functions from one convenient Smart Hub Control Panel, such as light switches, locks thermostats, garage doors, sprinkler systems, and carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

What goes into a residential security system

Burglar Alarm Systems

Safeguard Your Home & Loved Ones

Security Cameras

Monitor Your Front Porch, Interior & Exterior Spaces

Remote Monitoring

Know What's Happening at All Times with the Alarm.Com App

Fire & Life Safety

Protection From Fire & Smoke Inhalation


Care When You Can’t Be There with Wellcam

Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

Extend security from your home with Car Connector.

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