Smart home

Easy, Comprehensive Control

With Smart Home Automation

Imagine receiving real-time, mobile alerts that your children arrived home from school, your thermostat needs adjusting or even that an alarm has been triggered. Smart Home Automation enables you to monitor and control an array of home security functions from one convenient hub.

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When you work with an authorized service provider and partner, one of the most well-regarded smart home automation platforms, you can count on receiving a host of benefits—including personalized support and assistance with connections and configurations.

Full-Featured App

You’ll also have access to the full range of tools, including a mobile app that features real-time, on-demand video analytical components. The state-of-the-art technology provides in-app alerts when there’s a potential security event, differentiating between actual threats and routine movement.


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Connected Car from

Broaden your 24/7 security coverage and protect your loved ones on the go. Connected Car from provides real-time vehicle tracking access, as well as safety and diagnostic alerts that monitor the safety of your vehicle and its passengers.

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DIY Options

If you choose to DIY your Smart Home System, we offer a variety of options, built on the following features*:

  • Easy Set Up & Installation
  • Build & Customize Your Own Package
  • Add As Many (or as Little) Technologies At A Time
  • Easily Integrate Additional Products At a Later Date
  • Professional Support Available for DIY Customers Located Within Our Designated U.S. East Coast Service Areas.

*No money down, 0% financing does not apply.

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Hear from happy customers

I just had the pleasure of meeting Andew Field from General Security.  My condominium complex hired them to check on our smoke alarms. He was extremely pleasant. I liked the fact that he wore paper slippers to protect my floors. That showed respect for the customer. I highly recommend Andrew and this company.

Sharon Goodman

I have had General for about a year now. From the beginning they communicated every step of the process. Install went smoothly, billing no issues and customer service very friendly and thorough

Mike Del

Smart Home Components


Smart Home Components

Click on Each Icon to Learn More About Each Individual Smart Home Component


Alarm System

Conveniently arm and disarm your home security system from anywhere.

Lights & Locks

Manage efficiency and security with smart lighting controls, and door locks whether you’re home, away, or pulling into your home’s driveway. Mobile alerts let you know if you’ve left doors unlocked or if they’ve been opened by an unauthorized user.


Activitate your home’s heating and cooling to adjust to current weather patterns.

Cameras & Video

Remotely check and view indoor, outdoor, and doorbell camera footage through the app.


Receive real-time activity notifications and video analytics trends directly to your mobile device.

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors

Receive immediate mobile alerts if dangerous gas and/or smoke are present in your home.


Smart Hub Control Panel

Manage all of your smart home components from one device.


Light Switches

Manage your home’s security and energy efficiency by turning lights on and off—directly from the smart home app.




Automatically control your home’s heating and cooling system to lower your bills and contribute toward an energy-efficient and green living space.



Sprinkler Systems

Automate watering schedules whether you’re home or away to lower your bills and to keep up with regular yard maintenance.


Garage Doors

Automatically lock and unlock your garage door remotely or as you pull up to your driveway. Mobile reminders let you know if you’ve left your door unlocked or if it’s being opened by an unauthorized user.


Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors

Receive immediate mobile alerts if dangerous gas and/or smoke are present in your home.



Lock and unlock doors from any mobile device and set reminders to do so.


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  • Call or complete the online form to find out how you can add cameras and automation features to your home security package.
  • We’ll reach out to schedule a contactless appointment to learn more about your specific security needs, camera and automation preferences, and other relevant features
  • Following installation by one of our service providers (or you can DIY),  simply download the accompanying app to take advantage of features, such as remote monitoring, Wellcam, real-time alerts, and video analytics data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a smart home?

Smart homes are residences equipped with technology and devices enabling your key household features to be interconnected and controlled via desktop, tablet or smartphone, while streamlining management and increasing your efficiencies in the process.

What is home automation?

This is a system of communication interfaces integrated through the Internet. Each connected device is equipped with Wi-Fi enabled sensors that can be managed via smartphone, tablet or laptop, either from home or remotely. 


Why should consumers implement this?

Smart home automation facilitates the management of everything via one connection so that you have real-time information on what’s going on at your home at all times. 


What are the top three benefits of home automation devices?

  1. Safety Measures: Get immediate notifications if there’s dangerous carbon monoxide gases and/or smoke in your home. 
  2. Real-Time Wellness Monitoring: Receive mobile alerts for instances, such as when your kids arrive home from school or to ensure your elderly loved one is taking medications and out of harm’s way.
  3. Energy Management: Save money on electric, water, heating, and cooling bills with features that help you control temperature, lighting, and water usage. 


Can Smart Home Security Systems Be Hacked?

If you’ve researched home security, you know that there have been multiple security concerns with Ring, SimpliSafe and other security companies. If this left you wondering if ALL smart security systems can be hacked, this video is for you. Watch it to learn about how encryption works, how it helps keep your home secure, and our approach to securing, well, your security system.


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