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Smart Home Security Systems Enable Users to Protect Their Homes Right From Their Smartphone, iPad, or PC.

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“Watch this video to learn more about how you can protect your home and stay connected with smart home security and automation”


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When it comes to protecting your family, home, and valuables, you only want the best. At General Security, our professional sales staff ensures the burglar alarm systems we offer will give you the “peace of mind” you’re looking for.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

General Security uses top-quality equipment, featuring manufacturers such as DSC, Honeywell, QOLSYS and 2GIG (Nortek). These systems utilize several advantageous features, including:

  • Control Panels and Key Pads
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Interior Motion Sensors (Pet-Friendly Models Available!)
  • Glass Break Devices
  • Audible Alarm Sirens
  • Strobes
  • Remote Controls
  • Yard Signs and Window Stickers

Home security systems continue to evolve as new technologies are utilized. While traditional security systems do have the ability to aid in protecting your home from fires and intruders, for instance, smart home security systems increase such safety measures by enabling people to completely control their home from wherever they are.

Rather than having to be at your residence to perform certain tasks, smart home technology makes it possible for you to do so remotely, right from your smartphone, iPad, or PC.


This includes:
  • Activating alarm system
  • Turning the lights on and off
  • Locking the doors
  • Adjusting the thermostat
  • Viewing real-time footage from remote video monitoring system
  • Receiving notifications if the alarm goes off 

Having these capabilities helps better protect you, as well as your home, loved ones, and valuables, via efficient and easy-to-use security systems.



Can Smart Home Security Systems Be Hacked?

If you’ve researched home security, you know that there have been multiple security concerns with Ring, SimpliSafe and other security companies. If this left you wondering if ALL smart security systems can be hacked, this video is for you. Watch it to learn about how encryption works, how it helps keep your home secure, and our approach to securing, well, your security system.


Can Smart Home Security Systems Be Hacked_



What Goes Into Your Smart Home System

With our help, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date equipment and knowledgeable security professionals who will answer any questions you may have, from installation to features and design.


Designing Your System

See how we approach the process of designing your system.


All Packages Include:


IQ control panel 2

Control Panel

Having complete control over all the features that make up your home security system is essential.


Home Security

Our security systems come with all the equipment you’ll need to keep your home and loved ones safe.


App Integration

A smart security app like enables you to control your home security system right from your mobile device, as well as your iPad and PC.

support agent

24 x 7 Monitoring

Protecting your home isn’t just another 9 to 5 job, which is why our security systems include 24 x 7 monitoring.


Additional Smart Home Equipment


kwikset lock

Smart Door Locks

With advanced technology, these door locks do much more than secure the entry ways into your home.

security camera

Indoor & Outdoor Video Camera

Security cameras are the extra eyes you need to make sure home invaders and thieves stay away or will be caught in the act. 

Racchio Sprinkler Controller

Racchio WiFi Sprinkler

Automatically create watering schedules that lowers your water bill and ensure a beautiful yard, while the mobile app lets you manage your sprinkler system from anywhere.


With this wireless thermostat, you are easily able to adjust the temperature of your home from your smartphone, iPad, or PC, whether at home or out and about.

Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras add another functional layer to your home security system, enabling you to surveil who is at your front door before opening it.

Garage Control

With modern garage control, you are able to open and close your door via your mobile device, as well as receive notifications if someone else opens it.

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