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Deter crimes, monitor employee productivity, and record and review daily activities with effective video surveillance technology.

Video Surveillance: Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

When it comes to safeguarding your commercial property, video surveillance grants added protection to your organization’s people, facility, and inventory—both internally and externally.

This technology differs from a traditional monitoring system, as it can only be viewed through an authorized, private wired or wireless connection. And that’s the case whether your system has one video camera or a series of linked cameras for larger facilities.

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What Equipment Do I Need?

Also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), most video surveillance systems include the following:


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Cameras & Video Recorders

Available in either analog or Internet Protocol (IP) models, the latter is compatible with network video recorders (NVRs), while the former is best used with digital video recorders (DVRs).

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Necessary for observing your on-premises recorded footage, images and videos can be reviewed from any PC, laptop or mobile device. Your choice of monitor also depends on both the camera and recording software installed.

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Video Management Software

An essential component of any video surveillance system, this facilitates camera and recording settings, camera feeds, and alerts. Additional features, such as video analytics, motion detection, and remote replays can also be utilized.

Efficient Monitoring Tools

Video surveillance technology provides the following additional benefits for safeguarding your employees and property:


Display live video with mobile alerts when an emergency occurs. Consider adding Central Station Monitoring to link your system directly to first responders and local authorities.


Advanced features, such as digital zoom and smart mode, present recorded video in greater detail to include frame-by-frame viewing.

Multiple Location Observation

Video surveillance assists risk managers in comparing images from various locations through one central terminal. This also helps determine why incident rate levels might be higher at one location than others.

Easy Remote Viewing From Any Device

Images and video recordings can be viewed remotely from any desktop PC, or mobile device via the app.

Through your system’s DVR or NVR, you can easily compress images and large amounts of footage for easy storage. This includes high-resolution, real-time recordings for quick and easy review.

Adding video surveillance to your commercial facility provides additional safety and productivity benefits, such as:

  • Employee Safety
  • Operational & Labor Improvements
  • Monitoring & Training
  • Easy Implementation 
  • Decreased Liabilities & Loss Prevention
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