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Business owners have a never-ending list of responsibilities, all of which are essential to their organization's success. One involves finding an effective security system in order to protect what they have worked so hard to build. Business security cameras are just one key part of a comprehensive security system, so choosing the right camera system is crucial. That’s where the business security camera experts at General Security come in. We have experience, technology and trained business security professionals to install a video surveillance system that meets your business' needs.

And with General Security’s 10 customer monitoring centers located throughout North America, you also get thousands of highly trained security professionals looking out for your business 24/7 in the event of an emergency.


High-Quality, Clear Picture

Using the latest in video surveillance technology, all of our cameras feature high-definition video, with options that include night vision and license-plate capture in order to ensure that you know what's happening on the premise at all times.

Our commercial security cameras also incorporate advanced features, such as digital zoom and smart mode, letting you review recorded video in greater detail, which incldes frame-by-frame viewing. And our cameras are affordable for businesses of all sizes—from offices to restaurants to retail, the security cameras General Security provides have you covered.


Protect Your Assets

Businesses with a reliable, high-quality security camera system can reduce the chances of theft, whether from burglars or employees, for instance.

Our security cameras can fit seamlessly into your overall General Security security system, as well as with the design and layout of your business—visible without being intrusive. And with the General Security app, you can view real-time video or recorded events.


Remote Video Monitoring

With the General Security app and our intuitive dashboard, you can view any or all of your cameras in real time, whether you’re on site or at a meeting, making it easy to know what's going on while you are not there.

You also have the ability to set up automatic alerts if a camera detects motion or any of your other sensors is triggered. With remote viewing, you can log in and see the source of the alert, without putting yourself or employees in any danger, or having to call local law enforcement if it’s a false alarm.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance system involves a video camera or a series of linked cameras that can be either fixed or PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom capabilities).

These images can be transmitted using cable, wireless transmitters/receivers, or internet that can be viewed via monitors, iPhones, or iPads. The video can also be recorded using a DVR (digital video recorder). Most CCTV Systems are analog. General Security designs digital surveillance systems using the latest technology to digitize camera images, compress them into a format, and store them on a hard drive. This lets you save large amounts of video footage that can be accessed very easily and quickly. By using a DVR, images can be captured in high resolution and real time.

An IP (internet protocol) surveillance system creates high resolution, digitized video streams that are transferred via a wired or wireless IP Network, enabling monitoring and video recording on an NVR (network video recorder) through the internet and facilitating integration with other types of systems.

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