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We all have the instinct to ensure the safety of our homes, and the best solution is intelligent home systems. It takes different components and the skill to install unobtrusive fittings, and that’s where General Security Company comes in. We are installers of intelligent homes systems that cover all detached structures within a home including garages, senior homes, guesthouses (including BnBs) and staffs’ quarters. Similarly, intelligent homes systems may be needed for home offices, warehouses, greenhouses, stables and that sort of thing. Residents resort to an intelligent homes system even within gated communities. Having an intelligent homes system for security is an important requirement when getting insurance against theft.


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Why Clients Prefer Intelligent Homes Systems

We recommend an intelligent homes system because the smart proponent of it allows for critical added features. Intelligent homes systems are programmable, remotely accessible and are part of a centralized monitoring for incident response. Our intelligent homes systems are award-winning and come with an app that runs on the client’s smartphone. It enables video communication with people back at home, which they can only do when they’re near the cameras and microphones. Hidden cameras can be part of the intelligent homes system to monitor in case of incidents by the occupants. In collaboration with, our intelligent homes systems can be configured to control locks, lights, climate control and enable or disable alarms remotely.

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Make the Smart Choice in Home Security

In this day and age there are so many internal and external threats to our security from burglary and other forms of home invasion. We would like to partner with you in order to mitigate such threats with an intelligent homes system. Request a quote to install an intelligent home system on your property today.


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