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With the advent of the home motion camera, which was a disruptive technology, came major savings in power consumption, storage space and time needed to analyze footage. Here at General Security orders keep coming in for the home motion camera as it is all the rave. We advocate for the IP camera with motion detection for it has the best specification that enables online streaming and alerts on mobile devices. In general, a home motion detector camera helps to counter all manner of thievery and misdemeanors within and around a home. Front porch problems like theft of packages and vehicle catalytic converters have become a menace. Sometimes it’s simply a creep coming up to your door at an ungodly hour. So hopefully such offenders would trip off alarms upon detection by our home motion camera.


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Techniques To Apply with the Home Motion Detector Camera

We recommend a high enough placement of the home motion camera, preferably 10 feet to avoid tampering or outright vandalism. The client may choose a covert or overt camera depending on his purposes. We then capitalize on the live feeds and alerts capability of the IP camera with motion detection. In collaboration with alarm.com we can have not only notifications to your phones or alarm set off at any time of breach but also dispatch of law enforcement if necessary. This is made possible by our 24/7 monitoring of your home motion detection camera from our central station. Not to mention in such incident records from IP camera with motion detection will be crisp and easy to access online as evidence or for domestic deliberation.

Technician installing CCTV Camera under roof overhang

Caught in the Act by the Home Motion Camera

Engage us to secure your home and perimeter with the home motion camera technology. It brings peace of mind without consuming your spare time analyzing endless footage. Start the journey from planning to purchase to installation to management by requesting a quote here.


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