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How to Choose the Best Two-Way Audio Security Camera

Published 09/16/2020 by General Security


Whether you’re home, away, or at your workplace, two-way audio security cameras grant peace of mind—from checking in on elderly loved ones, children, and pets, to alerting users and authorities of unwelcome intruders.

More than just traditional communication and security,  they also feature video surveillance and analytics, remote viewing, motion detection, night vision, and smart technologies. 

Adding two-way audio security cameras within your home, business, or both, provides invaluable protection for your loved ones and property. 

Here’s a helpful breakdown of this technology’s benefits, applications, and compatible smart features.


What Is Two-Way Audio?

Unlike traditional intercom systems, two-way audio means users can speak and listen directly through high-definition video cameras. 

Real-time, two-way audio is achieved through their built-in microphones and speakers, a reliable power source, and Wi-Fi connection. 

These enable communication with loved ones and employees, and monitoring of pets, while also protecting your property. Settings can also be controlled through the Alarm.com app offered by service providers, such as General Security.


Residential Benefits

Two-way indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras alert users about front-porch deliveries, unexpected guests or solicitors, and intruders. 

Front-Porch Alerts

Instruct a delivery person where to leave a package, or tell an unwanted solicitor you aren’t interested—all from wherever you may be, via your smartphone

Two-way audio communication also provides porch pirate protection through accompanying video analytics and remote monitoring.

Property Surveillance

Thwart intruders from trespassing on your property through your camera’s loudspeaker and microphone.  

Virtual Check-Ins

Ensuring the safety of your family members, pets, and property is top priority. Using the Alarm.com app, speak with your children as they arrive home from school, or ensure your pets are out of harm’s way. 


Commercial Benefits

This technology improves employee communication, access control, and security. It also monitors shipping, receiving, and deliveries.

Employee Communication

Ensure employees are productive, and professional. Two-way cameras can also be utilized for virtual discussions and announcements. 


Monitor safe, contactless front- or back-porch package pickups and dropoffs. 

Adding two-way audio security cameras within your home, business, or both, provides invaluable protection for your loved ones and property.

Access Control

Two-way cameras and video surveillance can be added to supplement an employee keycard system


Keep unwanted solicitors and other unwelcome visitors away.



General Security offers several Alarm.com-branded, two-way indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. 


Consider wired or wireless cameras armed with night vision, in-app video feeds, motion detection, digital microphones, and clear speakers. Cameras should also be placed away from windows and doors for clear field vision and sensitive detection deterrence.

Adjust your camera’s motion settings for accurate video analytics and surveillance. 



As aforementioned, doorbell cameras provide contactless, front-porch communication. They also help manage commercial deliveries, while protecting your employees and property.

All Alarm.com-branded doorbell cameras are equipped with front-porch identification, intelligent lighting integration, and nighttime detection.

Wellcam & Wellness

Wellcam is a smart, two-way camera designed for independent senior living. This 180-degree, field-of-view device can be placed anywhere throughout the home, such as the living room, bedrooms, or kitchen/dining areas.

Boasting 1080p resolution and 6mp zoom, Wellcam monitors the space and facilitates direct, two-way audio and video calls with your loved ones. Gain peace of mind through regular check-ins, health alerts, and daily activity summaries.

Wellcam also integrates with Alarm.com
Wellness Personal Emergency Response Pendants and wristbands. This monitors irregular activity indicative of potential emergency events.   


A Two-Way Decision

It's important to work with an experienced provider, such as General Security, to determine the best two-way audio cameras for your home or business.

General Security provides commercial and residential security camera and video surveillance for peace of mind and safety. Request a free, contactless quote from us today.

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