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General Security Offers Video Systems to Various Types of Homes

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We offer our home security products and services to our customers with one purpose in mind: personal security.

A door intercom video gate system is a great cost-effective first step in securing your home or building by giving you the ability to know who is at your doorstep. General Security has systems for gated communities, apartment complexes, and single-family homes on expansive property, all of which possess features including:

  • Wide-angle camera that lets user view up to 170° of the entire entry
  • Camera with digital Pan Tilt and Zoom
  • Compact, attractive design that complements most interiors
  • High-resolution monitors
  • Camera station that can be monitored from inside
  • Entry that can be monitored without alerting visitors they are being viewed


What Goes Into A Video System

The General Security video system can be hardwired or wireless, with the ability to be activated and controlled from anywhere via PC, iPad, or smartphone.


qolsys control panel

Control Panels and Key Pads

Having complete control over all the features that make up your home security system is essential.

indoor camera

Indoor & Outdoor Video Camera

Security cameras are the extra eyes you need to make sure home invaders and thieves stay away or will be caught in the act. 

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