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Strategies to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Commercial Security Systems Jul 3, 2023 12:38:49 PM General Security 3 min read

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As energy costs continue to rise with no immediate end in sight, more and more organizations are implementing strategies to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and lower utility expenses. Whether a corporate enterprise or local merchant, all can benefit from the use of smart technologies, regarding HVAC systems, lighting, and water usage.

These also help protect employees and customers.

According to the National Renewable Laboratory (NREL), which promotes improvements in energy efficiencies, such technologies help businesses save money, lower carbon emissions, and boost green initiatives.

Energy-Efficient Business Strategies

There are several ways to lower utility expenses. Even small changes such as regulating HVAC, water, and lighting systems can significantly reduce usage and costs.

According to a report commissioned by Juniper Research, “Smart Buildings: Key Opportunities, Competitor Leaderboard & Market Forecasts 2022-2026,” these improvements and efficiencies are expected to significantly impact commercial buildings.

Consult the Energy Star online portal for additional best practices and tips. Many service providers such as General Security offer Energy Star-rated products with rebates through most utility companies.

Here’s a useful outline of helpful tips and best practices for reducing your organization’s energy consumption, monthly utility bills, and more.

1. Manage Electricity With Smart LED Bulbs & Outlets

Commercial buildings can benefit from utilizing smart LED bulbs and outlet.Lights can be synced to automated schedules and adjusted via any mobile device—doing so provides the additional security measure that a building is still occupied after business hours.

Smart outlets ensure computers and other electronic devices are powered down at the end of the day, and can also be used to monitor employee productivity.

2. Detect Leaks & Moisture With Flood Sensors

Protecting any business from flooding is a must, especially if your area is prone to extreme weather events. Flood sensors detect moisture and leaks to avert costly damages. Many also provide real-time information about exterior temperatures. This is especially helpful during winter months, when pipes could freeze and burst.

For additional peace of mind, Alarm.com Smart Valve + Meter provides quick leak detection and automatic shutoff, along with daily usage insights.

3. Regulate Heating & Cooling Systems

Smart thermostats with temperature sensors can drastically reduce HVAC energy consumption by automating activation and shutdown at specific times. They also self-regulate when you're not there!

This is especially important for industries handling perishable items—averting health and safety risks associated with spoiling, not to mention the costs of any wasted products.

4. Consider Renewable Energies

Proven to reduce monthly electric bills, solar panels generate renewable energy credits, and federal income tax credits of up to 30 percent. They can also increase commercial property values.

It’s best to enlist a local service provider with solar panel partnerships for savings and energy efficiency best practices.

5. Create a Monthly ‘Energy Budget’

Outlining your monthly energy needs, consumption, and expenses will help you set and hit goals to identify where potential savings are possible, along with the necessary actions to achieve these.

6. Monitor Spaces With Alarm.com Business Activity Analytics (BAA)

Alarm.com BAA provides strategic monitoring and management capabilities ranging from customer traffic to inventory tracking. Business owners can also add rules around motion detection and group gatherings for added insights. These include virtual tripwires for occupancy and people counting, as well as heat mapping, crowd gathering, and queue monitoring.

7. Utilize Smart Appliances

Smart contact sensors on refrigerators and freezers immediately alert managers if left ajar—providing critical protection of contents. Similarly, smart stove and grill guards automatically shut off when not in use, reducing utility costs and fuel loss. These devices also provide real-time notifications regarding fires, gas leaks, and other hazards.

Managing Utility Bills & Your Bottom Line

Enlisting an experienced service provider such as General Security to implement smart devices and technologies at your organization helps reduce wasted energy, lower utility costs, and keep your team safe!

General Security provides smart automation systems for commercial properties throughout the U.S. East Coast. Request a free quote from us today!