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Security Camera Benefits: Motion Detection

Published 06/30/2020 by General Security


When safeguarding your property and loved ones, motion detection with accompanying video analytics provides another level of advanced protection. 

Motion detection via’s smart home security system app offers the added convenience of 24/7 home security through your smartphone. This technology and accompanying central station monitoring can help control emergency situations, deliver real-time alerts, and inform proper authorities.

Below is a useful summary of this technology’s benefits, compatible security cameras, additional video analytics, and more.

Motion Detection Benefits

Built into security cameras, motion detectors activate to record only when movement is detected. This eliminates hours of unusable, non-applicable video typically consuming large amounts of memory and storage. It also provides increased battery life and energy-saving capabilities.

It does all this whether you’re home, away or not even operating the system.

Motion detection technology on its own also recognizes security camera scene activities through analysis differentiation. The technical term is pixel matching or frame referencing. Any images that don’t match previously programmed camera settings are then detected.

Specific use cases include detecting possible intruders inside your home or around outdoor areas.

Video Analytics  

The ability to analyze video offers an additional advanced software-driven security layer to your camera’s motion detection.

The system is smart enough to differentiate between images of animals, humans or vehicles, while offering additional data on what should be recorded or ignored. This prevents false notifications triggered by loud noises or strong weather, and also determines movement direction and activity duration. 

User-controlled tripwires and activity zones determine alert triggers, such as indoor/outdoor lights. These can be incorporated through video management software or CCTV system with a network video recorder.


Best Detection Placement

When considering camera installation, choose a location capturing side-by-side, view-field movements. 

Cameras should be placed away from windows to avoid sensitive detection. If not, position it to one side rather than directly opposite windows. This helps prevent inadvertent detection and a clearer field view. 

Adjusting your camera’s motion settings is paramount for optimal detection levels. This requires managing sensitivity levels, camera repositioning or both. Cameras

General Security supplies comprehensive smart security cameras equipped with motion detection and professionally supported video monitoring. 

Consider the following indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras: - Indoor Wireless IP Fixed Camera With Night Vision

Indoor Wireless IP Fixed Camera With Night Vision

This camera provides up to 15 feet of nighttime and daytime viewing. Infrared cut-off filters facilitate auto-shutoff LEDs when natural light is detected. - Outdoor Wireless IP Camera With Night Vision

Outdoor Wireless IP Camera With Night Vision

This model includes video motion detection with adjustable sensitivity and threshold, as well as image sensors. - Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 1080P

Motion detection demonstrates security camera scene activities through analysis differentiation. 

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 1080P

High-quality recording and maximum 1920x1080 picture resolution are this camera’s best features. Image adjustment features include brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure. - Slim Line Doorbell Camera

Slim Line Doorbell Camera

Check live, in-app video feed or automatically record clips when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. Its Intelligent lighting integration features automatic rules to activate porch lights for nighttime detection.


Easy Implementation

General Security’s partnership with provides easy motion detection implementation for your current or new security camera system.


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General Security provides a complete line of home security cameras featuring motion detection and other useful capabilities, such as video analytics.

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