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Top 5 Home Security Tips for Pet Owners

Published 05/10/2019 by General Security


Pet owners have more specialized security needs than the average homeowner. Animals can trigger false alarms with standard home security components, and accidentally automate even the most advanced smart home devices. This can all be remedied, however, by utilizing tech equipped with pet-specific settings—and can even keep you in touch with your beloved critters when you’re away.

Below are five tips to help pet owners make the most of their security investment, protecting their homes and their furry friends:

Install Pet-Sensitive Motion Detectors

Motion sensors are a common home security component that will need additional attention in households with pets. Very useful for activating cameras when intruders enter a room, they’re often likewise set off by animals, too. This doesn’t mean pet owners shouldn't invest in these useful devices, but rather, should purchase the appropriate model, and set it up correctly. These sensors can be programmed to ignore movements of small and medium-sized animals—typically those below 40 pounds, although some can accommodate pets up to 80 pounds.

If you own a larger animal but still want to take advantage of a motion detector's many benefits, you may have to change the location of the sensor, or restrict pet access at home. Motion sensors work best when placed in main, central living areas, so be sure to block these off. 


Practice Caution When Using Smart Locks

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular for main entryways because of their convenience, but pet owners should be cautious when purchasing or using these, as they can put pets at risk if done so carelessly.

One common function of smart locks is to allow access for service providers, such as plumbers or electricians. Homeowners can create a new key code the day such work is performed, then delete it immediately afterward. In this instance, pet owners should remember to secure their pets, especially if the services will be performed while the homeowner is away. It’s easy for workers to accidentally leave a door ajar when going in and out of the house, which could lead to an unfortunate escape if pets aren’t properly safeguarded. It’s also easier for workers to complete their tasks without animal interference, so keeping furry family members separated creates a win-win scenario.

Keep an Eye on Dog Walkers or Pet Sitters

If you hire or ask someone to assist with pet care while you’re away, your home security camera can help you stay updated and keep an eye on the helper. This is especially crucial if you’ve hired a new caretaker and want to check in. locks can help provide access for caretakers, and make sure they come and go at appropriate times

All you need is a smart home security camera with a compatible mobile app that streams to your smartphone. Use this to ensure your pet is fed and walked appropriately, and the new caretaker doesn’t bring anyone you don’t know into the home.

In addition to video monitoring, smart locks can help provide access for caretakers, and make sure they come and go at appropriate times. Typically, you can create a new door code for them that can be deactivated upon your return.

Communicate With Your Pet

Security aside, perhaps the most enjoyable feature of a full-featured, pet-friendly surveillance camera is the ability to communicate with your whiskered loved ones when you’re away. If your camera has two-way audio—like the 180º system—you can hear your pet, talk to them, and see how they respond, via streaming on your mobile app. You might not be able to stay with your cherished darlings all the time, but with the right home security system, you can always feel close.


The Bottom Line: Protect Your Pets

If you're a pet owner, your home security system can help keep an eye on your pet and ensure their safety. Just remember to set up all motion sensors correctly to avoid false alarms, practice caution with smart locks, and use security cameras to keep an eye on caretakers and stay in touch.


General Security: Pet-Sensitive Protection

If you want to create the ultimate pet-friendly security system for your home, contact General Security, today. We’ve helped countless pet owners keep their homes and furry friends safe.

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