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7 Beneficial Smart Home Features for Back-to-School Season

Published 09/23/2022 by General Security


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in September 2018 and has been revised to reflect industry updates.

As summer ends and the days become cooler and shorter, many people are returning to hectic school and work schedules. While home security is top priority, efficient household safety management can often be challenging.

This doesn’t have to be the case when adding real-time smart home features protecting your loved ones and home, however!

Whether at work, home, or on an extended outing, smart technologies such as remote monitoring, motion detection, and others can help you keep abreast of home security. They also assist in managing other household safety features such as lighting, heating and cooling, and even vehicle tracking and diagnostics.

Below we’ll outline seven beneficial smart home features for back-to-school season, including smart door locks and security cameras, geofencing capabilities, vehicle tracking, and more.


1. Keep Doors Secure With Smart Locks

Anyone with children knows how chaotic weekday mornings can be. From preparing lunches and checking backpacks, to getting out on time, there’s a long list of to-dos. If you commute to your place of employment, you might have inadvertently forgotten to lock doors, or turn lights down.

Fortunately, many smart security systems ensure you don’t have to sacrifice home safety. Smart locks enable users to secure homes from any mobile device via the app. Remotely arm/disarm alarm systems, and power down lights and other electrical sources, too!


2. Keep a Watchful Eye With Smart Security Cameras

Many smart security systems include indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras with accompanying remote video monitoring. Parents can easily check on children arriving home safely from school, and ensure homework is completed. Cameras equipped with two-way audio and video communication can deter unexpected visitors, accept deliveries, and help control frisky household pets. Perimeter Guard is another protective option when used with compatible security cameras. Should a trespasser attempt to gain access, they’ll be met with blaring sirens and red, flashing LED lights. 


3. Real-Time Alerts of Suspicious Behavior

Smart home technology also delivers in-app alerts of solicitors or trespassers gaining access to your property—even if you’re away from home.  

Should you fail to arm your home security system, video analytics and motion detection close this gap with customized settings and tripwires within pre-programmed designated areas.


4. Tracking Systems for Driver Whereabouts
& Vehicle Safety

Whether you’re a busy parent handling school drop-off and pick-up, or have a new teen driver, utilizing GPS tracking systems is another added convenience.

With Connected Car, you can track driver whereabouts, and manage vehicle maintenance schedules regarding oil changes, fuel consumption, tire pressure, and more. This smart technology also displays location information for emergency personnel and roadside assistance.


5. Keep Tabs on Energy Management & Usage

Ensuring adherence to homework and study times is another challenge parents face throughout the school year. Smart outlets remotely power down electronic devices, TVs, and gaming systems during quiet hours. Another helpful use is programming LED bulbs for bedtime and lights out. 


6. Utilize Smart Thermostats for Temperature Adjustment

No one wants to enter a sweltering home in the summer or a chilly interior during a snowstorm. Smart thermostats can set home heating and cooling for certain times throughout the day. They can also be synced with weather patterns to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous interior temperatures during extreme weather events. 


7. Program & Set Up Geofencing Scenes

One of the most popular smart functions to program and save frequently used configurations is’s Scenes. Compatible with geofencing, setting a scene labeled “Kids Home From School” will automatically activate various smart technologies. This includes remotely adjusting indoor lights, thermostats, and other pre-programmed, designated functions. Similar scenes can be set for morning and evening routines, and when you’re on vacation or out.



Smart Security Integrations to Keep Your Family
Safe & Sound

Controlling everything from security cameras to thermostats, alarm systems, and more, smart technologies provide added peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe and secure.

General Security provides smart technology solutions to protect your loved ones and home. Request a free quote from us today!

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