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How Smart Technologies Can Help Maintain Health & Wellness

Security Cameras Security Systems Smart Homes Jun 7, 2022 1:51:59 PM General Security 5 min read

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More and more consumers have become conscious of achieving optimal health and wellness. To do so, they set goals regarding exercise, nutrition, mental well-being, and more. Smart technologies can track progress and help maintain adherence.

Smart devices also ensure critical safeguards in the home, regarding heating and cooling, carbon monoxide and smoke detection, appliance safety, and more. These are especially important for elderly loved ones who still want to live independently, and those actively charged with their care. 

These technologies can sometimes be the difference between injuries and possible fatalities, as this aging population is increasingly more susceptible.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), more than 3 million of those aged 65 and over visit emergency rooms each year due to slip-and-fall injuries. 

Learn more below about the health and wellness benefits of smart technologies. 


What Is Health & Wellness Technology?

Utilizing apps to help manage and achieve daily health and wellness goals has become much more prevalent in the past several years, and most recently, during the coronavirus pandemic—when the world was forced to spend prolonged periods inside their homes. 

Interior heating and cooling, smoke and carbon monoxide detection levels, and appliance safety are just a few safeguards managed via smart technologies. Others include those that can also keep watch on elderly loved ones—from eating and medication schedules to sleep and activity patterns. You can conduct regular check-ins via Wellcam audio/video cameras.

These technologies can sometimes be the difference between injuries and possible fatalities, as this aging population is increasingly more susceptible.


What Are The Benefits of Smart Technologies?

While a consistent health and wellness plan is important, it’s just the first step in achieving associated goals. Smart devices document progress and keep you on track, along with providing real-time analytics and results to help improve efficiencies.

According to global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, the smart home market is expected to reach $317 billion by 2026—5 percent above pre-pandemic forecasts.

Moving forward, it’s best to work with a reputable provider such as General Security. Our team of highly trained and experienced security specialists can recommend and implement the best systems and solutions for your family, through professional advice and partnerships with smart technology companies.

Many homeowners’ insurance companies offer up to 20 percent discounts on yearly premiums. Whether you install one or several smart technologies, these can help with what could otherwise be costly claims and damages. It’s best to consult your insurance agent if you’re unsure of discount programs.

Consumers are also excited about the prospects of smart technologies’ role for their homes and families. According to a 2021 report titled “Future of Wellness” by health information site Healthline Media, 91 percent of those surveyed believe such technological innovations could help improve one’s overall quality of life. 


Types of Health & Wellness Devices

While smart technologies and devices can contribute positively toward health and wellness, they should never replace regular medical checkups. Utilized to recognize and detect daily habits and behaviors, these can help with identifying actions warranting further discussion with a healthcare professional. 

Indoor, Outdoor & Doorbell Cameras 

Security cameras provide potentially life-saving safety measures and daily activities monitoring for loved ones. Compatible Alarm.com cameras deliver real-time activity alerts to its mobile app. Even typical daily activities such as opening and closing appliance doors and medicine cabinets, or getting in and out of bed, can be the difference between severe and lethal injuries. Security cameras with 24/7 Central Station Alarm monitoring will directly connect with local law enforcement and first responders. 

Wellness & Wellcam

For many senior citizens, Personal Emergency Response Pendants were the only alert options available for a long time. Alarm.com Wellness features real-time sensors that utilize specific data and algorithms to identify daily activities. Should there be an irregular pattern or discrepancy, the system provides real-time, in-app alerts.  

General Security also offers its Wellcam smart video solution through Alarm.com. This two-way audio and video security camera can be placed anywhere throughout the home, for easy check-ins. You can also program it for one-touch callout,  and to review footage.

Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

With aging loved ones possibly living with low or impaired vision and hearing, top-quality smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are critical. When used with a 24/7 monitoring service, local law enforcement and first responders will be contacted immediately for dispatch. You’ll also receive an alert via the Alarm.com app.

Smart Thermostats
Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is important for health and wellness. Smart thermostats regulate interior heating and cooling, even as the weather and seasons change. They can also be adjusted remotely from the Alarm.com app—whether you’re home or not. You’ll never have to worry about your loved one’s home being too cool or warm, and will conserve energy, lowering utility bills.

Contact Sensors

Used mainly on windows and doors to detect a security breach, contact sensors can also be placed on kitchen appliances and medicine cabinets to ensure proper routines. These are also useful in bedrooms to monitor sleeping patterns, bathroom trips, activities possibly leading to slips and falls, and wandering.


Smart Lighting & Motion Detection

LED bulbs with smart outlets can help many families save money on their utility bills by scheduling on/off times. Consider adding motion detection and lighting to outdoor areas to prevent slips and falls in driveways and front porches more likely to occur during inclement weather. 

While a consistent health and wellness plan is important, it’s just the first step in achieving associated goals.


Maintaining A Healthy Home & Lifestyle

Smart technologies can help you and your loved ones achieve and maintain health and wellness goals. General Security can customize the best plan to keep your family safe and happy. 


General Security provides smart health and wellness technologies for consumers throughout the U.S. East Coast. Contact us today for a free quote