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How Do Contact Sensors Work?

Published 10/22/2020 by General Security


Contact sensors adhere to doors and windows and alert homeowners of intrusions or break-ins. Available in wired or wireless interfaces, they activate when separated from their sensors—triggering everything from alerts and alarms to predetermined changes in thermostat temperatures, lighting, and more.

Integration with the mobile app makes all this possible, from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Learn more about this technology’s functionality, capabilities, benefits, smart applications, and more. 



Contact sensors comprise of a sensor and magnet, which when attached to a window or door can alert homeowners when opened. 

When the sensor recognizes separation, its reed switch is released to transmit a signal, in real time.

Sensors are available in various wireless or wired configurations.



It’s best to place sensors as out of reach as possible, to prevent damage and tampering. 

Most sensors can be mounted using adhesive tape, for easy installation. Unlike screw-mounted models, these don’t leave holes behind when removed. Ensure sensor magnets are on the correct side to avoid malfunction and false notifications.


Dependent on your property, coverage areas, and personal needs, there are various available sensors offered by General Security with technologies. Whether you require protection for doors, garages, or windows, a professional services provider can assist with options, installation, and smart integration. 

Doors & Windows

Combined door/window sensors feature easy bypass zones instead of manually arming and disarming your system until the next contact closure.

Measuring approximately 2 inches, mini door/window sensors can be inconspicuously placed on almost any door. Long-range wireless capabilities increase power and add battery life, for lasting protection. 

Consider the sleek, wireless Qolsys IQ S-line for easy interior compatibility.

Contact sensors comprise of a sensor and magnet, which when attached to a window or door can alert homeowners when opened. 


Garages & Gates

Backed by eSeries encrypted technology, the Encrypted Thin Door/Window Contact withstands potential intruders and system hackers.

This model is best for garage doors, backyard and pool security gates, and other open/close objects. Its tamper-proof cover protects from harsh environments, vandalism, and theft.

Drawers, Cabinets & Appliances

Contact sensors can be added to kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawers, and common household appliances for wellness benefits. They also help confirm your loved one is taking medications and maintaining healthy eating habits, for example, by signaling an ajar refrigerator/freezer door.


Glass Break Sensors

Sometimes referred to as glass detectors, these notify homeowners if a glass window and/or door is broken. Unlike window sensors, glass break sensors activate through noise or shattered glass vibrations.

When combined, these provide the highest level of intruder protection for your home and loved ones. 


Smart Triggers

Using the app, you can set your indoor/outdoor lights to turn on, or open your garage door as you pull into the driveway. Lights can also be triggered if a gate is opened after dark. 

Sensors detect windows and doors left open to auto-adjust home heating and cooling levels. Thermostats can also be set for auto shutdown when dangerous carbon monoxide and smoke fumes are present.

One of the most advanced, pre-programmed smart technology features is motion detection with video analytics. Able to differentiate between animals, humans and vehicles, this reduces false notifications and alarms. 

Tripwires and activity zones provide real-time monitoring and notifications triggering indoor/outdoor lights and other household functions, before an intruder sets foot on your property.


It’s best to place sensors as out of reach as possible, to prevent damage and tampering.

Determining Your Choice

Whether you select a professional or DIY solution, General Security can assist with camera choice, placement services, smart technology, and installation. 

General Security provides provides a complete line of integrated home security solutions featuring contact sensors and smart technologies. Request a free, contactless quote from us today.

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