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How Do Contact Sensors Work?

Home Security Tips Security Cameras Security Systems Smart Homes Apr 18, 2024 8:56:00 AM General Security 3 min read

Close up on door with security sensor

An overview of contact sensors:

  • Contact sensors play a vital role in protecting your home by triggering your alarm when activated. 
  • Mount contact sensors with adhesive for a drill-free setup, then pair them with your favorite smart home app.
Contact sensors adhere to doors and windows and alert homeowners of intrusions or break-ins. Available in wired or wireless applications, they activate when sensors are separated—triggering everything from alerts to alarms.

Integration with a mobile security app from Alarm.com makes all this possible, from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

Professionally installed contact sensors enhance your convenience, save money on energy bills, and give your home more comprehensive security. 


How Contact Sensors Function 

Contact sensors consist of a sensor and a magnet. When attached to entry and exit points, such as windows and doors,  they can alert homeowners when triggered. 

When the sensor recognizes separation, it transmits a signal, in real time, creating a notification in your security app and/or the central monitoring stationThis can signal a wide range of smart home functions depending on which rules you have set up.

For example: A family room light can be turned on if a specific sensor is activated.

Additionally, with a contact sensor attached to your refrigerator door, you can be notified when it has been left open for more than a minute, helping you reduce energy waste (and spoiled food). 

Notably, sensors are available in various wireless or wired configurations. It’s best to place sensors as out of reach as possible. 


Types of Sensors 

Depending on your property, coverage areas, and personal needs, various sensor types are available and compatible with most security apps and smart home hubs.

Whether you require protection for doors, garages, or windows, a professional security provider can assist with options, installation, and smart home integration. They’ll know the best practices for contact sensor placement and type for your particular situation. 


Partnering With a Home Security Provider 

Properly installing contact sensors and other smart home devices can be challenging if you’re new to the technology. Fortunately, consulting with a seasoned industry professional gives you the assurance that your smart home will be a safe home. 

Whether you select a professional or DIY solution, General Security can assist with contact sensor placement, security camera selection, smart home technology, and installation. An award-winning residential and commercial security provider, we serve areas throughout Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, and Virginia

General Security provides a complete line of integrated home security solutions featuring contact sensors and smart technologies. Request a free, contactless quote from us today.