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10 Smart Home Safety Tips for Spring

Published 03/17/2023 by General Security


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in March 2022 and has been revised to reflect industry updates.

After staying inside throughout the winter chill with the heat turned up and lights always switched on to brighten the short days, spring is finally in the air. Days are becoming longer and warmer, landscaping and flowers are in full bloom, and homeowners are  spending more time outdoors. 

As you likely conducted holiday safety precautions as well as readying your home for the winter, each new season requires its own set of security and maintenance measures.

When conducting your annual spring cleaning and safety tasks, consider pairing protective measures with accompanying smart technologies, such as remote outdoor video monitoring, energy management, real-time wellness updates, and others. 


Below we’ll outline our top 10 tips for safeguarding your family, home, and property this spring.


1. Check, Test & Inspect Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When the clocks “spring forward” one hour with Daylight Saving Time, it’s also wise to check and inspect your home’s smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Ensuring these work efficiently with full batteries can be the difference between injuries, damages, and even fatalities.

It’s important to listen for specific beeping and chirping sounds, both of which have distinct tones signifying potential issues such as emergencies, low batteries, or device replacement.  

Having a strategically placed fire extinguisher within reach of the kitchen or other cooking areas is also recommended. Similar to other fire and life safety devices, these should be inspected yearly for expiration dates and working order.


Directly connect carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to your security system’s 24/7 Central Station Monitoring service for immediate responses from local law enforcement and emergency personnel.


2. Clean & Reposition Outdoor Security Cameras

After a long winter of snow, ice, and high winds, it’s crucial to review placement and positioning of outdoor security cameras around your property and porch areas. This ensures suspicious activities and unwelcome intruders appear on remote video feeds.

As warmer weather entices homeowners to venture out, a clearly positioned doorbell camera can thwart front-porch package thefts. Often occurring during daylight hours, these so-called “porch pirates” keep watch for unattended deliveries.

Security cameras can also help thwart catalytic converter thefts. When combined with helpful surveillance measures, such as motion detection and video analytics, these can prevent thieves from swiping what’s become an extremely valuable commodity

When properly positioning outdoor security cameras, General security recommends mounting these devices between 8 and 10 feet from the ground. This is low enough to capture even the smallest details, while still keeping thieves at bay.


Placing security cameras away from obstructed areas is best for avoiding distorted or blocked imagery and video. 


When conducting  annual spring cleaning and safety tasks, consider pairing protective measures with accompanying smart technologies. 

3. Review Outdoor Lighting & Motion Detection

When illuminating front-porches and other outdoor areas, spring is the perfect season to check for missing or inactive light bulbs. Suitable and economical for low energy consumption, consider pairing LED bulbs to turn on and off at certain times via app smart controls.

Adding motion detection sensors to outdoor areas lets burglars know they're being watched, while smart settings can trigger in-home activities such as turning on lights and music with pre-set controls. You can even set up tripwires and activity zones should any unwelcome individuals breach these areas.

For additional safeguards, also offers its *Perimeter Guard solution. When combined with video analytics and compatible security cameras, trespassers will be made aware of on-premises security cameras blaring loud whistles and beeps, and flashing red lights. 


Add video analytics and motion detection to review security camera footage from any mobile device. 


4. Ensure Contact Sensors Are Properly Placed on Windows & Doors

Contact sensors provide immediate alerts when windows and doors are left ajar or unlocked. Activated upon separation from sensors—these can also trigger alerts and alarms to predetermined changes in thermostat temperatures, lighting, and more. It’s best to place these on the magnetic side and out of reach to avoid malfunctions, false notifications, and tampering. 


While you can place contact sensors on your own, consult a reputable service provider such as General Security for assistance.


5. Keep Garages & Sheds Secure

One of the least anticipated spring cleaning chores is undoubtedly organizing garages and sheds. With warmer weather approaching and more time spent outdoors, you’ll be tempted to leave these structures open. While this provides easy access, it’s an invitation for thieves to gain access to your home through an attached garage door. It’s also wise to keep any valuables hidden away from entrance areas to these structures. 


Consider automated garage door openers, and smart locks with personalized controls for sheds.


6. Inspect Chimneys, Roofs & Gutters

Spring is the ideal time of year to revisit roofs and gutters to clear out any collected leaves. With the proper equipment and a sturdy ladder, check for winter storm damage to roof shingles, chimney flashing, or gutters. If you’re unsure, it’s best to enlist a professional roofing contractor and chimney specialist for assistance. 

If the home has a gas fireplace, it’s wise to have a yearly chimney sweep to prevent fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other potential dangers. 


Spring is also primetime for birds and other animals seeking warm spots. Make sure any openings around gutters and chimney flashings are properly adjusted and sealed. 


7. Manage Unsuspecting Water Leaks & Inspect for Mold

Before turning on outdoor water spigots, hoses, and sprinkler systems, it’s first recommended to check for any leaks and drippage—which could lead to water damage. Adding flood and temperature sensors can help alleviate these worries with quick, real-time moisture and leak detection alerts delivered to your mobile device.

Unfortunately, moisture and condensation also brings mold, which is often present in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. If you detect a pungent, musty odor accompanied by dark surface area “spots,” it’s important to immediately amend. If left untreated, it can lead to structural damage, not to mention respiratory issues and other health concerns. While minor mold issues can be removed with any household bleach product, it’s important to also consult a restoration company for best practices.


Consider adding the Smart Water Valve + Meter to quickly identify leaks and moisture. This Z-wave water shutoff valve will also automatically provide data and insight on water usage for cost and other efficiencies.


8. Clear Any Overgrown Landscaping
& Vegetation

To avoid overgrown or dead shrubs, trees, and hedges, it’s best to regularly maintain and water these areas or enlist a professional landscaping service for help. Not only are these prime hiding spots for unsuspecting thieves, they can also conceal areas otherwise detected via outdoor security cameras. 

Failure to maintain outdoor areas can also lead to possible rodent infestations. Check windows and doors for any open or uncovered areas attracting these pests. It’s also recommended to remove any stagnant water from bird bath bowls, buckets, gardens, and puddles. If not addressed, these can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. 

Neglected landscaping and cluttered front-porch areas could convey the home is unoccupied or abandoned, making it a target for vandalism and other unsavory activities. 


Remotely control your outdoor watering schedules from anywhere with a smart sprinkler system.


9. Adjust & Clean HVAC Systems
& Other Appliances

Warmer weather calls for adjusting cooling and heating sources per exterior temperatures. Check to ensure your HVAC unit is updated or have a licensed professional inspect and clean the system.

Air conditioning return and supply vents should be checked regularly for optimal function. If using a central HVAC system, replacing filters is necessary for air quality and energy efficiency.

With gas furnaces and oil burners used less frequently during the warmer months, spring is an ideal time to conduct a thorough inspection. Replacing filters and cleaning around the area is also recommended. If you don’t feel comfortable conducting this yourself, reach out to your local gas company or heating oil provider. 

Another item located near these appliances most homeowners overlook are clothes dryers. While a modern convenience, they can also pose safety issues and fire hazards. Deep cleaning should be conducted at this time, as well as regularly emptying lint traps and ensuring the immediate area is free of debris and clutter. 


Adjust thermostats for specific times via mobile devices.


10. Create a Home Safety Maintenance Checklist

Discuss with your family what to include in your home safety and maintenance plan in case of an unforeseen situation. It’s also conducive to create a home emergency kit with flashlights, non-perishable items, bottled water, batteries, and other essentials. 


Download this free Home Safety Checklist from General Security to get started.


Readying Your Home for the Spring Season

When conducting spring cleaning and safety plans, it’s best to work with a reputable services provider such as General Security for help and guidance.

General Security provides home security and safety measures for homeowners along the U.S. East Coast. Request a free quote to learn more about these and other tips!

*Cameras must be equipped with both visible LEDs and speakers to activate this feature.

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