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What Is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler?

Published 05/04/2018 by General Security


The past several years have yielded significant developments within smart technology. Firstly, it was our phones, and now, our homes are becoming more intelligent than ever before. There are numerous smart home devices to make your life easier in more ways than one. From smart security systems to smart refrigerators, it isn’t surprising, then, that there are smart sprinkler systems now available, too.


With all the extraordinary features the Rachio Smart Sprinkler offers, the outside of your home will always look great, with minimal effort on your part.

Simply download the Rachio mobile application, and you’ll be able to virtually control the entire system.

Similar to a smart home security system, a smart sprinkler system enables a homeowner to control nearly every feature via a smartphone, iPad, or desktop computer. In fact, you can even integrate the system with other smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa—using voice directions to activate your sprinkler and dictate what it’s doing and when—and Alarm.com products. These capabilities make managing the system more convenient than if you could only use the controller.

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The Rachio Smart Sprinkler takes scheduled watering to a whole new level.

People have been able to schedule their sprinklers for years. However, unless shut off, that predetermined schedule continued, even if the weather deemed it unnecessary. A smart sprinkler adjusts its watering schedule based on current, local weather forecasts—making it especially useful during seasonal changes, as the weather can be unpredictable.

Even other lawn details, such as the type of soil, amount of exposure to the sun, and plants present, can be factored in when plotting out a watering schedule—ensuring the necessary steps are taken to maintain your yard, all year long.

Such features will result in significant cost savings.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): “The average American uses around 88 gallons per day per person in the household. That means a family of four would use around 10,500 gallons in a 30-day period.”

Most of that water is used for outdoor purposes.

When your sprinkler knows not to activate when it’s raining outside, or to use less water in areas with minimal sun exposure, you’ll end up saving a substantial amount of money on your water bill.

General Security is a leading commercial and residential security company offering clients high-quality smart home security systems and other devices. As a result, we offer the Rachio Smart Sprinkler as an add-on for our Alarm.com customers, integrating it with the home automation technology company's platform so their homes are safer and more efficient. All you have to do is enlist the help of your sprinkler company to integrate the Rachio sprinkler with your sprinkler system.

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