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What’s the Property Crime Rate in North Carolina?

Published 07/26/2018 by General Security

There are several basic, universally essential needs we all wish to fulfill. This includes food, clothing and shelter. Our homes don't simply consist of the structures we live in, however. The state, county, and ...

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What Is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler?

Published 05/04/2018 by General Security

The past several years have yielded significant developments within smart technology. Firstly, it was our phones, and now, our homes are becoming more intelligent than ever before. There are numerous smart home devices ...

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Home Burglary Statistics to Keep in Mind

Published 03/30/2018 by General Security

Being burglarized is perhaps the worst nightmare of every homeowner. Keeping loved ones and belongings safe is therefore a top priority. Installing an effective home security system can substantially reduce this risk. ...

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Innovations and Home Security Trends

Published 03/17/2018 by General Security

Concerns and speculation are emerging over what will be the coming trends in the home security industry. Surprisingly, the word ”traditional” is the one consistently mentioned.

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