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How Does a Commercial Security System Work?

Security Cameras Security Systems Commercial Security Systems Jul 16, 2021 12:58:58 PM General Security 8 min read

Security Cameras on ceiling of commercial building

If you already have a home security system, or have been thinking of adding one, it’s also prudent to extend these safeguards to your place of business and commercial property for 24/7 monitoring and protection.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 2019 crime statistics, 37.2 of all reported burglaries occurred at non-residences, including stores and offices. With these findings in mind, it’s imperative to implement a commercial security system, especially as more businesses reopen due to loosening novel coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. 

Designed to keep trespassers, intruders, and burglars at bay, commercial security systems also provide real-time monitoring and surveillance, access control, and fire and life safety. Employee communications and productivity also benefit.


Below, we’ll discuss specific safety advantages, equipment and technologies, smart features, and more. 


Commercial Security Features
& Benefits

Even if your business is located in a relatively safe area, burglaries, break-ins, and vandalism still occurs. With potential thieves seeking poorly-lit locations without cameras and alarms, or other indications of protective measures, thieves can easily and unlawfully enter the premises to commit so-called smash-and-grab crimes. 

While the majority of these crimes occur at night and after-hours, there are even higher theft and employee safety risks for businesses with 24/7 operations. Aside from a traditional burglar alarm system, other protective measures featured through commercial security systems include indoor, outdoor and front-door cameras; fire alarms and life safety devices; access control; intercom systems; and real-time video surveillance

Technologies to Secure Your Commercial Business & Property

Whether you require just a burglar alarm system and cameras, or you want a fully customizable smart commercial security system, General Security can assist with creating a specially designed package to fit your needs.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Designed to keep intruders and burglars at bay, commercial security systems also provide real-time monitoring and surveillance, access control, and fire and life safety.

Comprising a control panel, keypad, and contact sensors, alarm systems can be purchased as a bells-only solution that sounds alarms to deter potential intruders. For added 24/7 protection, consider a smart alarm system with real-time Central Station Monitoring to immediately dispatch local first responders and emergency services. 

Commercial Fire
& Life Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments throughout the United States respond to a blaze every 24 seconds, with a structural fire occurring every 63 seconds. With these startling numbers, adding fire and life safety to protect your employees and commercial property is a must. Having regularly maintained and inspected devices such as carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke and fire alarms, can be the difference between injuries, damages, and even death. 

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

While alarm systems with Central Station Monitoring provide active, real-time alerts within or around your commercial property, adding indoor, outdoor, and front-door cameras can grant even higher protection levels. This technology can also assist law enforcement in identifying and apprehending would-be thieves and vandals.

When working with a security provider partnered with a smart security vendor such as Alarm.com, you’ll have access to smart technologies including 24/7 video surveillance and remote monitoring, motion detection, and video analytics. Some front-door cameras also offer intelligent lighting integration and nighttime detection for advanced, after-hours safety.

Intercom/Entrance Systems

Also referred to as telephone entry systems, two-way intercoms provide an extra security layer for employee, property, and asset protection. When implemented at your facility’s entrance and exit points for access control, this also keeps any persona-non-grata at bay.

Along with visuals of the parties requiring entry through two-way video and audio, consider combining this with front-door cameras for additional security and contactless communications. With the help of smart technologies, such features can be controlled on-site or remotely.

Keycard Access Systems

These swipe, magnetic, or ID keycards or key fobs are read by smart doors or entryways. When the employee or authorized guest swipes, taps, or inserts their keycard, its magstripe or chip grants access through a uniquely designed code. After the card reader accepts the authorized access credential, it sends a quick signal to the specified door or entryway to unlock. 

When combined with other smart systems, keycard technology provides other safeguards, such as personalized access levels, safety audits, and employee activity log management.


Smart Technologies

When adding smart technologies to your commercial security system, you can easily control and manage the following settings and devices in real time—all from the convenience of a mobile device:

Indoor/Outdoor Surveillance

Remotely check on your business and operations any time of the day when you’re off-site or on vacation. Utilizing the Alarm.com app, indoor and outdoor cameras monitor your premises for theft, vandalism, and non-security-related items, such as employee productivity. You can also instruct delivery persons or other visitors to leave packages at your front door, even when you’re not there.

Setting Heating & Cooling

Smart thermostats monitor your building’s interior heating and cooling for added energy efficiency and quality control. Consider adding contact sensors to appliances containing perishable items requiring specific temperature settings. These can also help manage food storage and accountability, detecting how often a refrigerator or freezer door is opened, or if someone accidentally leaves it ajar.

Flood Detection/Protection

When integrated with smart technology, flood sensors alert to sudden and extreme fluctuations, which could lead to weather-related flooding. When combined with temperature sensors, this device protects your business from costly damages that could be incurred due to flooding from natural disasters, leaky pipes, or septic tank issues. 

Smart Locks for Theft Deterrence

Installing smart locks with mobile alerts remove worries of employees’ lost or stolen keys. These locks also immediately inform you if a door is unlocked, ajar, or opened by an unauthorized user.

Remotely Arming/Disarming Alarm Systems

Turn your business alarm on and off from any location at the touch of a button via any mobile device. This is also useful during after hours, should an employee require access to a job site. When used in conjunction with smart cameras, this function facilitates safe monitored entry points.  

Smart Lighting & Outlets

Utilize Alarm.com to schedule lights or other electronics to turn on and shut down each day at your place of business. An app rule can also be set to activate smart bulbs should your camera detect outdoor motion.

Whether you require just a burglar alarm system and cameras, or you want a fully customizable system, General Security can assist with creating a specially designed package to fit your needs.

Monitoring Productivity & Accountability

Many of the aforementioned technologies can also measure and monitor important internal data, such as employee activities and productivity, deliveries and shipments, and more.

Employee Communication

Adding security cameras with two-way audio and video can be utilized for virtual meetings, discussions, and company-wide announcements. This also includes real-time employee monitoring, such as those responsible for opening and closing the facility or store at the designated times, and other job functions directly affecting accountability and productivity. 

Consumer Information & Insights

For commercial properties, such as clothing stores, supermarkets, or other large retailers, security cameras can also provide insights into useful consumer purchasing trends for sales and marketing.

Temperature Checks & Monitoring

With many offices and other commercial facilities now incorporating temperature checks, consider thermal imaging cameras for hospitals, transportation hubs, offices, fitness centers, and other sensitive areas. While this technology is designed to help reduce community spread by flagging those who may be feeling sick, it cannot screen for the COVID-19 virus or antibodies. 


Keeping Your Employees Safe & Sound

It's important to work with an experienced provider, such as General Security, to help determine the best commercial security package to protect your employees, property, business, and assets.

General Security provides commercial security solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. Request a free quote from us today!