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Why Your Small Business Needs a Security System

Published 09/03/2021 by General Security


As a small business owner, safeguarding your employees, assets and property is a top priority that should never be taken lightly, especially during these uncertain times.

When deciding which security measures to implement, consider adding technologies such as cameras, alarm systems with 24/7 Central Station Monitoring, smart door locks, fire and life safety devices, keycard entry systems, and others.

For added peace of mind, it’s prudent to implement these with accompanying smart technologies, such as the Alarm.com app, which sends real-time security alerts to any mobile device.

Such systems can also help improve productivity among your team, by customizing temperature control, promoting enhanced employee communication and accountability, monitoring open/close reports, and even regulating vehicle/fleet usage 

Below we’ll discuss various ways small businesses can benefit from security technologies, equipment, accompanying smart features, and more.


Small Business Security System Benefits

While all commercial properties are prone to theft and vandalism, small businesses are even more vulnerable. Many do not have the methods and technologies in place to monitor and review operations, logs, and activities both during and after business hours. Oftentimes, small business employees will be more enticed to steal from their employer due to the lack of security and surveillance measures.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as cited by insurance agency JW Surety Bonds, three out of four employees have admitted to stealing from their employer. 

With appropriate protection systems in place, small business owners are less likely to experience potential threats, incidents, associated losses, and other unsavory situations.

One of the most important devices is a security system with 24/7 Central Station Monitoring. Acting as your secret guardian, General Security’s Central Station will immediately dispatch local first responders and emergency services personnel, whether you’re on-site or not. Having this added protection can be the difference between injuries, damages, theft, and even loss of life.

Adding indoor, outdoor, and front door cameras is also prudent for constant protection. Regardless of when you’re home, on premises, or at another location, you can easily view and playback recorded footage of monitored areas, such as shop floors, front entrances, stairwells, stockrooms, kitchens, checkout areas, and others. 

Utilizing smart technologies such as real-time video surveillance, motion detection, and video analytics can also help deter smash-and-grab crimes, vandalism, and other potentially dangerous situations. 

Technologies Designed to Safeguard Small Businesses

Consider adding other protective components, such as door locks, fire and life safety devices, contact sensors, flood and temperature sensors, access control, and vehicle/fleet safety monitoring as additional safeguards. 

Door Locks

As a small business owner, safeguarding your employees, assets and property is a top priority that should never be taken lightly, especially during these uncertain times.

Add a unique, personalized code should you or authorized employees forget keys or become locked out. Smart automation also facilitates remote access from any mobile device.

 Fire & Life Safety

These protect you and your employees against inhaling smoke and noxious gases resulting from gas fireplaces, appliances, grills, and other equipment. Installing a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in your small business is another step toward safeguarding it against this deadly gas, while also providing fire protection.   

Contact Sensors

These monitor opening and closing of doors, windows, and other entryways. Activated when separation occurs from their sensors, they trigger everything from alerts and alarms to predetermined changes in thermostat temperatures, lighting, and more.

Flood & Temperature Sensors

Designed to flag and monitor leaks and temperature changes, these detect moisture in areas that would otherwise be dry, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Access Control

Attained through specialized keycard technology, these provide specified access levels, safety audits, employee productivity, accompanying smart technologies, and energy management controls.


Small Business Productivity Monitoring

Whether you operate a retail store, restaurant and bar, healthcare and wellness facility, or professional services organization, managing productivity, utilities, and other efficiencies is paramount for streamlining communications, and saving time and money.

The following are just a few technologies that can be remotely monitored and managed from any mobile device, regardless of your location:

  • Heating & Cooling Temperature Control: Set and manage interior temperatures, as well as appliances, and other utilities for optimal comfort and safety. Adding contact sensors to stoves, refrigerators and other appliances can help with energy efficiency, alerting if a burner is left on, or a refrigerator door ajar.
  • Employee Communication & Accountability: Conduct remote meetings and announcements with two-way audio and cameras for effective internal communication. These devices can also offer visual guidance on workplace issues or disputes requiring further investigation by human resources or legal departments.
  • Fleet Management & Personal Vehicle Monitoring: Never worry about the whereabouts of your drivers and the conditions of your vehicles. With Alarm.com Connected Car, you’ll receive real-time, mobile alerts regarding location, diagnostics, speeding, and other important information. 
  • Open/Close Reports: Keycard entry systems keep track of when employees sign in and out for breaks, and exact times a facility is opened and closed. Should an issue arise, these logs can determine who and when someone was minding the store.
  • VoIP Phone Systems & Service: Consider cloud-based VoIP phones for small business communications. Designed for remote, in-person, or hybrid environments, this technology is easy to use, setup, and maintain. 

With appropriate protection systems in place, small business owners are less likely to experience potential threats, incidents, associated losses, and other unsavory situations.

Protection & Safety When You Can’t Be There

When choosing the best solutions and technologies to protect your small business employees, assets, and property, it’s best to work with an experienced services provider, such as General Security. We can help craft the most appropriate package to ensure 24/7 peace of mind and safety.  

General Security provides security solutions for all types of small businesses. Request a free quote from us today! 

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