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5 Tips to Prevent Front-Porch Package Theft

Published 12/21/2020 by General Security


With more and more shoppers purchasing holiday gifts online this year due to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) stay-at-home restrictions, this has also unfortunately led to an increase of front-porch package thefts. 

According to a survey of more than 1,000 Americans by online analysis and resource hub ValuePenguin: “18% of consumers have experienced package theft in the past four months.”

To protect against this, consider protection measures such as front door and doorbell cameras boasting smart technologies, real-time alerts, video analytics, motion detection, and more. 


Below we’ll outline five tips on how to protect your home and property from so-called porch pirates this holiday season. 


1. Security Cameras

These are any homeowner’s best defense from break-ins, intrusions, and front-porch package thefts. When installed and placed appropriately, front door and doorbell cameras can help law enforcement identify unsuspecting thieves. 

It’s usually assumed that camera placement should be directly above your home’s front door. Any reputable services provider, such as General Security, will advise camera installation between eight and 10 feet from the ground. This deters potential device tampering and vandalism.

Avoid placing devices toward the glare of direct sunlight, which could result in concealed or distorted footage.

When choosing a camera, General Security offers many feature-rich and functional models.

These include:

  • Bullet  
  • Mini Bullet
  • Turret/Dome
  • Wireless/Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Doorbell


2. Smart Technologies

These features send real-time alerts to any mobile device utilizing the app.

Consider adding the following:

Video Analytics

This additional protective layer differentiates among humans, animals and vehicles, while indicating what should be recorded or ignored. Implemented through your camera’s accompanying video management software, video analytics prevents false notifications due to weather conditions and loud noises. 

It also measures front-porch activity duration and movement for easy, real-time detection.


Motion Detection

Even when cameras aren’t running, this technology will record scenes only when movement is detected. This removes unusable footage, for increased battery life, storage, and energy efficiency.

Video Surveillance

Remotely monitor your property from any PC, laptop or mobile device. This alert system automatically notifies the user of any movement or motion, through the app. 

It’s best to work with a services provider offering Central Station Monitoring, for added peace of mind. This 24/7 service directly connects you to local law enforcement in case of any emergency.


Two-Way Audio

Front door and doorbell cameras equipped with two-way audio enable homeowners to speak and listen directly. Achieved through built-in microphones, speakers and Wi-Fi, this real-time communication can thwart unsuspecting intruders and porch pirates. 

According to a survey of more than 1,000 Americans by online analysis and resource hub ValuePenguin: “18% of consumers have experienced package theft in the past four months.”


3. Stickers & Yard Signs

Most professional security companies, such as General Security, will provide stickers and yard signs with the following examples: Premises Protected by General Security, or Property Is Under 24-Hour Video Surveillance

Even if cameras aren’t visible, these notices will often deter intruders.


4. Clear & Visible Porch Areas

Avoid placing decorations, planters, furniture, tools, and other paraphernalia on and around front-porch areas. 

Obstructions and other barriers can present a challenge when identifying unauthorized individuals on recorded images and video. 


5. Virtual Tripwires

Installing cameras with accompanying smart technologies such as video analytics can also include virtual tripwires. 

When implemented properly, these user-controlled zones set alert triggers, such as indoor or outdoor lights, and other functions, before an intruder enters the property.


Taking Precautions & Staying Safe

Whether you will be home or away this holiday season, consider safeguarding your house and property from package thefts through the aforementioned security tools and smart technologies.


General Security provides residential security cameras, video analytics, motion detection, and smart technology solutions to help deter package thefts. Request a free, contactless quote from us today. 

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