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How Access Control Systems Can Protect All Businesses

Sep 21, 2023 4:55:08 PM General Security 3 min read

A closeup of a person using a keypad entry system to get into a commercial building

From the protection of employees and customers to the safeguarding of sensitive data and facilities—the security of any commercial business should never be taken lightly. Challenges include keeping intruders at bay, reducing theft and vandalism, and maximizing employee productivity, among others.

When integrated with smart technologies, commercial access control systems can protect your employees and place of business, while providing invaluable analytics to help keep your company safe.

Here are several key commercial access control system features and benefits to better streamline security, automation, and operations.

What Is an Access Control System?

The U.S. access control market, which is estimated at $3.5 billion for 2023, is expected to increase to about $4.3 billion within the next five years. This automated, versatile solution saves both time and money—with some organizations even utilizing it in lieu of full-time security guards.

Commercial access control systems typically include keycards, card readers, keypads, and locks. The primary objective is to regulate clearance, access, and authorization for specific personnel, including employees, contractors, clients, and others. It's also a popular option for deterring trespassers, thefts, and other questionable activities. In many cases, access control systems are intended to safeguard entrances and exits, stairways, storage areas, shop floors, server rooms, parking areas, and more.

This technology also monitors entry points and specialized area authorizations through one cohesive, clearance-level database. This is especially helpful for agencies handling sensitive information, facilities with frequent visitors, or multi-location operations. It can also help restrict access to unauthorized areas and help maintain optimal employee working hours. 

For an even more robust solution, consider integrating access control systems with 1080p or 720p security cameras, intercom entrance systems, burglar alarms, and other technologies. These can also assist department managers with personnel matters and customer disputes as well as aiding law enforcement with identifying, and even apprehending, suspects.

While Alarm.com offers a powerful access control system with Business Activity Analytics, a reputable services provider such as General Security has additional partnerships through Brivo, Honeywell, and Lenel. 

Common Business Security & Productivity Challenges

The following is a brief rundown of common business security and productivity challenges, along with accompanying technology solutions.

Challenge #1: Thwarting Trespassers & Vandals

Two-way audio/video intercom systems at entrances, exits, and delivery areas enhance security and theft detection. These not only facilitate access control and monitoring, but also keep unauthorized visitors at bay and employees safe. This extra layer provides staff with a video image of who is requiring entry, as well as 24/7 security with the touch of one access button. 

Indoor and outdoor intercom systems and doorbell cameras integrated with smart technology provide real-time alerts and 24/7 surveillance accessible on mobile devices.

Challenge #2: Managing Employee Access & Clearance Levels

Magnetic keycards or key fobs are easily programmed to manage who can enter specific areas. Adjusting clearance levels for specific users bolsters security and helps thwart costly thefts.

Challenge #3: Deterring Employee Thefts

Even the most trusted employees sometimes succumb to the temptations of valuable data, company goods, and cash. A proper access control system featuring keycards monitors staff to deter such crimes.

Challenge #4: Replacing Lost or Stolen Keys

Keycards are easily deactivated and replaced if lost or stolen, or when an employee leaves the organization.

Challenge #5: Monitoring Employee Activities & Productivity

Most access control components log employee activities to ensure maximum productivity. Keycards integrated with  closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras and video analytics provide insightful analytics and metrics to identify efficiencies and inform internal protocols.

Keycard system safety audits verify timestamps and locations to ensure compliance with shifts and break times.

Simplifying Your Security & Business Operations

Protecting employees and property should never be an afterthought. Enlist a reputable service provider such as General Security to help ensure a safe and productive working environment.

General Security providesaccess control systems featuring keycards, remote monitoring, intercom/entrance systems, and more to protect businesses of all sizes across multiple industries. Request a free quote today!