Home Security: How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

Most burglars scope out the perimeter of their intended target before breaking in, in an attempt to find the best entry point. Outdoor home security cameras are a practical solution to stopping most home intrusions before they happen. Surveillance cameras allow you to keep an eye on your premises, and thus you can always be aware of persons present at any given time. Here are tips on how you can install outdoor cameras to optimize the surveillance.

Place the camera in a strategic location

Choosing the right location for your home security cameras is one of the best ways to optimize your surveillance. Ideal spots you can place the cameras include entry and exit points, areas with heavy traffic and secluded areas especially if surrounded by trees. Point the cameras in the right direction and ensure that the view is not blocked. They should also be in a hidden place, but with a wide viewing angle.

Conceal the wires

When installing outdoor security cameras, the last thing you need is having the wires in places where they are easy to locate and cut. Not only does concealing the wires make cutting them hard, but it also protects them from any kind of damage that can result into your cameras not functioning. Instead of running the wires along the house, have them enter directly from the base of the cameras. You can also paint your wires to camouflage them, run them behind a baseboard or through a plastic tube. Alternatively, you can install wireless cameras to eliminate the need for using wires.

Combine the cameras with lighting

Unless your cameras have a built-in night-vision feature, they are pretty much useless in the darkness. Using outdoor lighting optimizes the functionality of your home security cameras, which increases the safety of your premises. For the best results, consider using motion detection lights, which will only activate after they detect motion. These lights will also add a layer of protection to your premises as they can alert you when an intrusion occurs.

Outdoor surveillance cameras expand the scope of your home security system, increasing the security of your premises and providing you with a perceptive solution to the security of your premises.