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Why a Custom Security System Is More Important Today Than Ever

Security Systems May 20, 2024 10:00:00 AM General Security 3 min read

In recent 2024 news reports, residents and business owners across the country – perhaps influenced by other national news over the last few years – are investing in secret safe rooms, reinforced doors, and bulletproof windows. Homes and property are being fortified to protect against invasion, theft, vandalism, and kidnapping.

These threats have spread beyond cities and are statewide, serving as an example of a national concern felt in many small towns and once-quiet suburbs in America.

Acts of selfishness, aggression, and violence from strangers and intruders may come when we least expect – while our spouse is left alone in the house, our children are asleep, and our office is locked up for the evening.

But locking the door is not doing it anymore.

A custom security system specific for your home or business can provide near-effortless and stress-free protection when done correctly with trusted professionals.

As you consider the system that best suits your needs, here are a few security basics to consider.

What to know about security systems today

A security system today is not just an intruder alarm, although that remains a significant component. Systems today contain smart technology that detects and learns the patterns of your house or place of business so that anything unusual can be flagged and addressed immediately. And it goes beyond video surveillance devices.

Video analytics are instrumental in monitoring and protecting your property. Features within state-of-the-art video analytics include:

  • Triggering proactive alerts to create situational awareness
  • Recording footage only when motion is detected or when video analytics are triggered, streamlining forensic video searches
  • Virtual tripwires, human detection, animal detection, and vehicle detection analytics to identify intruders

The capabilities continue. The main point is to research your security options and align with trusted security partners who will advise you frequently on advancements in strategy and tech so you do not have to spend time thinking about it.

Do you want to pay for every bell and whistle?

Security technology is constantly evolving, so it is important to understand the utility of each progressive product and update and whether or not it will help protect your specific property. You may not be looking for a one-size-fits-all service or product. Think hard about what you want to protect and how. What is necessary and what is not?

Discuss with your provider the option of installing a security package with “build-as-you-go” capability as your security concerns change so that you get the best return on investment.

What do you want to monitor and secure on your property?

Have you walked your property — outside and inside? Have you identified possible weaknesses or points of entry for would-be intruders? Are there blind spots you are not considering?

It takes more than a moment to map out your property’s vulnerabilities and develop a custom solution that thoroughly covers all that you need to minimize the possibility of a disturbance. An off-the-shelf security surveillance product may be all you want for your goals. But how many you use and where you put them makes a difference. Take the time to determine what you need and where. It’s worth it. And again, it goes beyond cameras.

Seasoned technicians can help you identify perimeter and activity zones, select the most useful devices, and strategically set virtual tripwires through your security camera analytics. They can also configure alerts to your preference (triggering indoor/outdoor lights or music, for example) and send notifications immediately to your phone or smart device.

Prioritize your safety today

Property owners often install inefficient commercial security and home security systems while others may just stick with a lock and key. Yet, a feeling of instability and potential threat continues to spread throughout the nation, beyond our cities.

Why wait for a break-in or something worse to happen when you can prevent it in the first place? A custom security set-up means would-be intruders do not have a playbook to disturb your loved ones, property, and business.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the possibilities through our website and services and to especially note our 24/7 Monitoring Center, located in the U.S. and operated only by our vetted and experienced specialists. Call and we’ll pick up the phone, always.