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Smart Safety Devices to Protect Your Family & Home

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Flood sensor with smart electrical outlet with power button being pressed and smoke detector

When was the last time you thought about fire and safety protection for your family and home? It’s a vitally important consideration. 

Simply put: Smart devices such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, and flood sensors, among others, save lives. They go above and beyond standard alarm systems, providing 24/7 Central Station Monitoring with real-time mobile alerts and smart home integration via the Alarm.com app—ensuring your loved ones and residence are always protected.

Whether you have a home safety plan, or need to create one, General Security has got you covered with our Free Home Safety Checklist.

Learn how to keep your family, home, and property safe from hazards including carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, water damage and flooding, and more. 


By the Numbers: 2021 Fire & Safety Statistics

  • In 2021, U.S. fire departments responded every 23 seconds to more than 1.3 million fires that resulted in 3,800 fatalities and $15.9 billion in property damage.
  • A house fire occurs every 93 seconds. 
  • Non-fatal, fire-sustaining injuries occur every 36 minutes. 
  • Vehicles caused 18 percent of fire-related deaths.


Source: NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) "Fire Loss in the United States During 2021"

Smart Alarm Monitoring Systems

Did you know that homes without smart alarm systems are three times more likely to be broken into? Working as your secret guardian, Central Station Monitoring is an additional protective layer against intruders, vandalism, and break-ins. 

Even if you’re not on premises, alarm monitoring activates to alert local authorities and first responders. This can often help with reducing crime, injuries, and even possible fatalities.

Simply put: Smart devices such as carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, and flood sensors, among others, save lives.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning & Smoke Inhalation Safeguards

Detectors provide vital protection against carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire. This odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas can be difficult to detect—especially when occupants are sleeping! Tragically, it oftentimes isn’t discovered until flu-like symptoms manifest, such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 50,000 carbon monoxide poisoning patients are admitted to hospital emergency rooms each year. At least 430 of these end in fatalities.

Consider placing carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms on each floor, near bedrooms and other sleeping areas. It’s also recommended to monitor kitchen stoves and ovens, basement heating sources, and garages or other areas with gas-powered vehicles.

Central Station Monitoring will dispatch first responders to your home, and you’ll receive real-time mobile device alerts.   

Both devices will also signal low batteries, replacement, or other potential issues through beeps or chirps.

We cannot state this enough: It’s important to regularly test, inspect, and check smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they’re functioning properly!

When integrated with smart thermostats, these will automatically shut down HVAC vents to curb potential smoke and fire escalation.  


Flood Sensors & Leak Detection

Placing these in kitchens, basements, bathrooms, garages, and other flood-prone areas can help detect and measure moisture, humidity, and leaks resulting in possible damage. When combined with temperature sensors, these alert of extreme weather fluctuations, which can lead to burst pipes, roof leaks, black mold, and other hazards. 

These devices also send mobile alerts to off-site, seasonal, or secondary homeowners during major weather events. 


Appliance Safety

Regulating appliances can help reduce utilities bills, while improving household safety. Imagine leaving for the day and forgetting to shut off your oven, stove, or coffee maker. This wastes energy, and can cause damages and even fatalities from smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide. Consider stove and grill guards, and other smart technologies for added protection.

Did you know that homes without smart alarm systems are three times more likely to be broken into?


Smart LED Bulbs
& Outlets

Smart outlets can be pre-programmed from mobile devices to power down. Devices can also be monitored to safeguard children from harmful and dangerous activities.

Indoor and outdoor LED lighting can be scheduled to simulate occupancy when homeowners are away or on vacation. Motion detection sensors and virtual tripwires also assist in illuminating driveways, porches, and front doors for protection from possible intruders, slips and falls, and other unfortunate instances. 


Stay Safe & Vigilant!

Smart fire and safety devices are your best defenses against potential injuries, accidents, property damage, and even loss of life! A reputable smart home technology provider such as General Security can assist with the best technologies and integrations for your needs.

General Security provides smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and various safety systems to homeowners throughout the U.S. East Coast. Request a free quote from us today!