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5 Reasons to Invest in a Smart Home Security System

Published 05/12/2023 by General Security


More and more homeowners are utilizing smart home devices each year—with adoption expected to climb to nearly 50 percent of U.S. households by 2025! In addition to smart security cameras, alarms, motion detection, and video analytics, this technology can be programmed to monitor in-home activities to further protect loved ones, and improve efficiencies. 

According to a homeowner survey conducted by property insurance provider Hippo, 46 percent of participants noted convenience as a major smart home technology benefit. Another study projects more than 400 million households to become smarter throughout the next two years. 

Smart Home Features & Benefits

Smart technologies enable remote surveillance and can help users manage everyday tasks via the internet or Bluetooth. This includes reviewing security camera footage within and around your home when you cannot be there.

Regardless of your location, smart technologies give you total control of your home from anywhere—through one mobile app.

Garage doors can be opened or closed and locked, lights dimmed or brightened, and thermostats regulated to preferred temperatures—all from a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. This helps reduce utility bills and your carbon footprint. 

Automated alerts and monitoring enhances both quality of life and safety. Some providers offer annual policy discounts of up to 20 percent. 

It’s best to consult a reputable provider such as General Security for the most beneficial systems and applications for your home.

Here are five important reasons to invest in a smart home security system:


1. Real-Time Notifications

It’s after midnight, and you hear a strange noise outside. Instead of checking windows and doors, a smart home security system with contact sensors provides real-time alerts to safeguard against intrusions, burglaries, and other disturbances. You'll also receive alerts if a window or door is left ajar for an irregular or unusual amount of time. This enables additional monitoring when you cannot be there, as well as immediate notifications and time stamps. Even if you don't have smart security cameras, the system will detect and record these. 

For advanced settings, consider video analytics to differentiate between valid threats and other activities such as stray animals and passing vehicles. Virtual tripwires and activity zones provide additional protection—activating indoor/outdoor lights, TVs, music, and more via video management software (VMS) or security cameras with network video recorders (NVRs).

Available with compatible security cameras, Perimeter Guard additionally features flashing red lights, sirens, and alarms integrated with LEDs and speakers.


According to a homeowner survey conducted by property insurance provider Hippo, 46 percent of participants noted convenience as a major smart home technology benefit.

2. Emergency Preparedness & Response

Keeping your family safe and preventing injuries is paramount. Smart home automation provides critical, real-time alerts from smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Additionally, 24/7 Central Station Monitoring notifies local first responders and emergency personnel in the event of fires and other emergencies. 


3. Improved Efficiencies

Smart home technologies enhance energy management, wellness, and other household activities. This includes adjusting interior thermostats during extreme weather, as well as powering down lights, TVs, and other electronic devices when not in use.

Through the mobile app, users can program specific activations, such as lights, TVs, and music, for example, all while the garage door opens, and front door unlocks. 


4. Monitor Loved Ones & Household Pets

Keeping an eye on what occurs inside the home when you can’t be there is another benefit of smart home automation. Smart doorbell cameras notify about safe after-school arrivals, or provide remote entry to a caregiver, household employee, or other approved visitors. Remotely unlock doors and communicate via two-way audio with anyone entering and leaving the premises.

Smart technologies also provide critical monitoring of elderly loved ones to safeguard against slips and falls, missed medications, and more. They can also help ensure healthy eating habits, adequate sleep, and more. Sensors on kitchen cabinets, appliances, beds, and medicine cabinets provide additional coverage. 

Consider Wellcam smart video to keep in touch when you can’t be with your loved ones. 


5. Lower Homeowners’ Insurance Premiums

Implementing a smart home security system can result in up to 20 percent discounts on annual homeowners’ insurance policies! Contact your insurance company representative for more information on specific offers.


A Smart Home Is a Safer Home

Investing in a smart home security system is a wise choice for any homeowner. When deciding which solution is best for your home and family, work with a reputable smart home services provider such as General Security.

General Security provides smart home systems to homeowners along the U.S. East Coast. Request a free quote to discover the benefits of custom automation for you and your family!

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