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How to Choose the Best Wireless Security Camera With Remote Viewing

Published 06/09/2021 by General Security


With summer almost here, and the school year wrapping up, you might embark on a long-awaited vacation or day trip as the warmer weather arrives. But what about safeguarding your home, property, or place of business when you’re out of town or away?

Wireless security cameras with remote viewing provide advanced protection to safeguard your family and home, as well as assurance that someone is minding the store. Choosing the best technology is dependent on factors such as usage, capabilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, monitored area and space, price, and smart components. 

Whether you’ll be using wireless security cameras within your home, at your place of business, or both, this technology ensures state-of-the-art remote viewing, for 24/7 protection.


Here’s a helpful breakdown of this technology’s benefits, viewing capabilities, smart features, camera types, and more.  


Features & Benefits

Remote viewing supports real-time check-ins on children, pets, and elderly loved ones when you can’t be there, while also monitoring front-porch deliveries and visitors. When combined with added smart components, such as video analytics, motion detection, and two-way audio, this can even sometimes help law enforcement apprehend thieves and vandals. 

Enlisting an experienced provider with a mobile app, such as General Security, is a solid starting point. Easily compatible with any mobile device, many companies offer their own branded apps through vendor partners, such as, Hikvision, and Honeywell.

This also saves commercial businesses and government agencies money by eliminating additional expenses otherwise necessary for security guards or automated gates.

Some insurance companies might also offer discounts of up to 10 percent on both homeowner and business policies.  

Remote Viewing & Device Connectivity

Setting up remote viewing for wireless cameras is relatively simple. If you do require assistance, it’s best to contact General Security—even if you choose to install cameras on your own. 

The most important aspect is ensuring a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection within your home or business. If you’re in a remote area or want to know your connection strength, it’s recommended to do a quick speed test. Type “Speed Test” into Google, and click “Run Speed Test” in the search results. 

Another benefit is the ability to remotely access and view live footage. For non-supporting wired cameras, consider implementing the Power over Ethernet (PoE) to a Wi-Fi device. Intended for use with hardwired ethernet products, this converter module connects compatible wired cameras across a local Wi-Fi network for easy, hassle-free set-up and installation. 

When utilizing wireless cameras, follow these steps to ensure app connectivity to any mobile device. 


Smart Technologies

As aforementioned, wireless cameras with remote viewing are easily compatible with a wide variety of smart technologies. 

Consider the following smart features: 


Video Analytics

Remote viewing supports real-time check-ins on children, pets, and elderly loved ones when you can’t be there, while also monitoring front-porch deliveries and visitors. 

Intelligent enough to detect and differentiate movement by animals, humans or vehicles, this technology minimizes false alarms. As an added security layer, it also boasts pre-programmable tripwires and activity zones through real-time alert triggers, such as activation of indoor/outdoor lights, televisions, and other electronic devices.

Motion Detection

Recognizing security camera scene activities through analysis differentiation, motion detection helps ensure images match previously programmed camera settings. 

Recording only when motion is detected, this technology eliminates unusable video that would otherwise consume large amounts of memory and storage. It also aids with battery life and energy savings. 

Front-Porch Alerts & Two-Way Audio

General Security offers three types of doorbell cameras for safe, contactless front-porch communication. Designed to manage deliveries and identify visitors and other guests at front doors or entrances, these facilitate real-time front-porch identification, intelligent lighting integration, and nighttime detection.

Some models provide two-way audio, enabling home or business owners to speak and listen directly to arriving visitors and delivery personnel through built-in microphones, speakers, and Wi-Fi. Cameras

General Security supplies comprehensive wireless security cameras equipped for remote viewing and professionally supported video monitoring. 

Consider the following for indoor and outdoor use:

Indoor Wireless IP Fixed Camera With Night Vision
Providing up to 15 feet of both nighttime and daytime viewing, this camera’s infrared, cut-off filters auto-shutoff LEDs upon natural light detection. With a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, it also boasts motion detection and low-light sensitivity, for optimal viewing.

Outdoor Wireless IP Camera With Night Vision
Featuring image sensors and motion detection with adjustable sensitivity levels and thresholds, this camera has an 88-degree angle of view and various image adjustments. Measuring 2.4 x 4.4 inches, it also supports up to 10 simultaneous viewers.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera 1080P

This camera’s best features are its recording and maximum image resolution. Its high-definition viewing provides optimal brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure. A built-in sensing mode triggers Z-wave events, such as activating outdoor lights when an area is breached.

* Video Doorbell

The ADC-VDB770,'s next-generation video doorbell camera, is the latest installment in its Design Studio Series product line. Boasting a 150-degree, vertical, full-portrait field of view and two-way audio, this camera’s built-in video analytics technology helps prevent false-positive notifications and detections.

Slim Line Doorbell Camera

This camera immediately records as the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. Users can check live, in-app video feeds from the convenience of any mobile device. Intelligent lighting and integration features pre-set rules to activate porch lights and other safety mechanisms, for nighttime detection. 

Setting up remote viewing for wireless cameras is relatively simple. If you do require assistance, it’s best to contact General Security—even if you choose to install cameras on your own. 


Making the Best Decision

For assistance with security cameras, remote viewing and apps for your residential or commercial property, it’s best to work with a reputable services provider, such as General Security.


General Security provides a complete line of wireless security cameras featuring remote viewing, motion detection, and other useful smart capabilities, such as video analytics.
Request a free, contactless quote from us today.


*Users must have an account with a video analytics package. 

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