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Homes are secured using a variety of home security equipment that require skilled installers and maintenance crew or support from authorized stockers. General Security is the company that does all the above with a dedication to providing reliable home security equipment and related services. It’s important to have an installer of home security equipment like us at hand even when going for DIY installation. This is because certain equipment parts have proven to be compatible or impracticable with others to make up a system.


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Compatibility of Home Security Equipment

Experience and strategic partnerships coupled with availability are the main reasons to work with authorized home security equipment. A company that is invested in the client base for the long term. That’s us. From a technical perspective there are several components that make up home security equipment:
●    Cameras to monitor the movements or stasis of people and assets
●    Microphones to capture sounds made
●    Monitors to display live or recorded images
●    Sensors for impact or motion detection
●    Cabling or wireless devices
●    Splitters or termination boards
●    Smartphones or dedicated consoles
●    Software and their plugins
●    Alarms and sirens

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We are here to supply, install, manage, or assist in matters of home security equipment. Regardless of your location in the U.S, we deliver right to your door and help to monitor your property and assets around the clock. You’re welcome to request a quote.


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We are here to supply, install, manage, or assist in matters of home security equipment

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