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Homeowners and premises managers looking for an alarm system business can find the consummate security installer in us. We are General Security, an award-winning company that sets the trend in alarms and security systems. We have partnered with to bring you comprehensive remote home and business security alarms. We have a long list of clients who consider us their go-to alarm service providers. And each of them has customized security system alarms fit for the layout of their premises and built to last. They enjoy our apps, centralized monitoring and expansion services unparalleled by any other security alarm systems companies. We have 30 years going as a leader amongst security alarms installers and our clients still contract us as we grow with them.


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Why Used Integrated Security System Alarms

Security system alarms are a result of flawless integration of cameras, speakers, microphones, cabling, monitoring displays, weather proofing, bandwidth, storage devices, firmware and apps. All these can only be achieved by an alarm system business that is dedicated to its field and liaised to alarms and security systems manufacturers. The requirement of every business is 24/7 surveillance 365 days of the year. For this they need not just any other security alarms installers but one that has a tried and tested security systems pipeline. They require an alarm systems company that can give a guarantee of service and warranty of products. General Security knows which type of equipment from different vendors to integrate without hitches and glitches. Our experience irons out the technical aspects of alarms and security systems which would be daunting if our clients were to attempt DIY security alarm installation. We therefore minimize losses of materials and man-hours since a large part of our job as security alarms installers is a logistical one. Beyond our role as an alarm system business that arms and disarms alarms and door locks, we also integrate additional control features. Those controls include lights, temperature, humidity, curtains and much more.

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Get All-in-One Security

Our durable hardware and smart software give us the edge over other security alarm systems companies. If you procure alarms and security systems with us, you’ll be able to link to our central station for added benefits such as incident response. Request a quote for professional security alarms installers to protect your property today.


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