General Security Home Security System

Burglar alarms and other security systems are commonly installed in offices and shops. These days, they are increasingly becoming common in homes as well. Rise in crime rate and increased awareness is making people embrace the security systems. It’s an easier call to make that you want to install a security system at your home. However, it is difficult to identify which security system to go for. With time home security systems have evolved as well and these days they are much more sophisticated than just simple motion detectors.

General Security Systems is one such advanced security system with comprehensive security features to give you an all-round protection against threats. Following are some of the features of our home security systems:

  1. Motion Detectors: Gone are the days when you need to keep your motion detectors off while your pets are roaming around in the garden, so they don’t trigger then alarm. General’s smart security system identifies and gives you pet immunity and allows you to keep the motion detectors on while your pets roam around in open.
  2. Environmental Protection: Carbon Monoxide buildup in a closed place such as home can be a deadly situation. High concentration of carbon monoxide can have poisoning effect on humans and can result in death. General’s CO detector acts as life saver in such scenarios. Also, high water sensors in the house and low temperature detectors can indicate you about danger in time.
  3. Fire and smoke monitoring: Our fire and smoke monitoring systems are much more effective than standard smoke detectors. It can help in identifying a fire or smoke in the house quickly and raise alarm and immediately contacts monitoring team.
  4. Remote Access: You can control lights, heating, cooling and other functions of your house through this remote access via your smartphone, while you are away from home. If you do not wish to make obvious that you are not at home, you can turn on lights through remote access and not divulge information that no one is at home.
  5. Video Monitoring: Advanced video monitoring from General allows you to monitor your home or pets from your mobile, tablet or PC. You can easily identify any threats in your home through this monitoring system.
  6. Door Contacts: The advanced door contacts from General security systems can be recessed in the door frame, making it invisible while they perform their duty.
  7. Glass break detectors: Glass break detectors identify the vibration and sound of breaking glass to alert you of possible danger. They can be installed for whole rooms or for individual windows.

General offers not only a comprehensive security systems, it is also cost effective with fixed monitoring charges. You can choose from multiple security options that we offer based on the threats you perceive are critical.