Why Home Monitoring Beats Regular Alarm Systems

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Why Home Monitoring Beats Regular Alarm Systems

Published 04/28/2017 by General Security


When it comes to protecting your home from unexpected emergencies, we recommend that you sign up for a 24-hour home monitoring system. This will give you that added confidence of having an extra set of trusted eyes and ears looking over your property. While having an alarm-based security system is a step in the right direction, it is still somewhat limited and pales in comparison to  home monitoring.

Home monitoring systems can act on your behalf in the event of an emergency and alert the relevant response units, be it a fire truck, ambulance or even police assistance, making it a better option than regular alarm systems.

How the Home Security System Works:

The Control Panel. The control panel installed in the house acts as the central brain, using its specialized programming to identify the property to your security company. It provides crucial information pertaining to the your property location, as well as the nature of the emergency to monitoring staff. It is able to convey all this information to the central monitoring station through connectivity avenues, such as wireless connections, VOIP line, and even landline telephone.

Additionally, it can be used for two-way communication between the monitoring center and the house in the event of an emergency trigger.

Sensors. Sensors relay data to the control panel regarding the nature of the threat. They vary in design, thereby enabling the people monitoring to determine what the emergency is. For example, in the event of a break in, the sensors at entry points, such as windows and doors, will be tripped. In the event of a fire, the sensors with the ability to detect carbon monoxide levels and fire will go off. Medical monitoring and remote video monitoring can also be integrated into the system, offering owners live video feeds on their mobile devices. The sensors convey this information to the control panel, which informs the monitoring center. Here, an operator monitoring a computer screen will be able to analyze the alarm and take the necessary action, according to their training.

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