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Top 5 Features to Look for in a Vehicle Tracking System

Published 01/10/2023 by General Security


Whether protecting newly licensed teens and elderly loved ones, or improving employee safety and fleet management, utilizing an advanced vehicle tracking system should always be a top priority. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that vehicle crashes are now the leading cause of fatalities among those aged 1 through 54.

Other dangerous conditions such as inclement weather, excessive speeding, and maintenance issues all also underscore this technology’s importance.

Global positioning system (GPS) apps can be helpful, but smart vehicle tracking systems maximize the invaluable, real-time information collected to improve safety, and potentially save lives.  

Here is a useful rundown of several top features and benefits of vehicle tracking systems, including mobile alerts, maintenance reminders, productivity monitoring, cost savings, and more. 

1. Real-Time Tracking & Emergency Response

GPS tracking provides useful data and analytics about commercial fleets, and has similar use for personal vehicles. Satellites capture geopositioning data on real-time locations, gathering important diagnostics accessible via any mobile device utilizing the app. 

A smart vehicle tracking system such as Connected Car can be easily added beneath driver’s side dashboards as a DIY project. Providing diagnostics about commercial and personal vehicles, such as speed, location, mileage, and emissions, it can also deliver service updates regarding oil changes, tire rotations, air pressure, brakes, and more. 

2. Mobile Alerts

Imagine your loved one’s car runs out of fuel, or a delivery driver gets a flat tire during a crucial product shipment. With real-time vehicle tracking systems such as Connected Car, you’ll receive real-time notifications to your mobile devices about these and other situations. 

Should the vehicle get into an accident or suffer a mechanical breakdown, Connected Car relays real-time location information—ensuring expeditious assistance. It also assists law enforcement and first responders by pinpointing the exact location.

An accelerometer feature logs vehicle speeds to detect possible moving violations, and acts as a theft deterrent if the vehicle has been moved or tampered with. 

When coupled with smart security cameras, these devices can help law enforcement identify and track potential perpetrators of catalytic converter thefts, which are on the rise nationwide.  

Connected Car also features geofencing integration, so prior to arriving home, you can remotely activate indoor and outdoor lights, garage doors, and other household functions. 

3. Productivity & Safety Monitoring

Time is money for commercial fleet managers—especially when customers are waiting for important goods and services. Therefore, productivity monitoring is a critical feature, and up-to-the-moment tracking is a necessity. 

Real-time alerts affirm drivers’ whereabouts and estimated arrival times, no matter the traffic, detours, or other circumstances. These also help determine whether delays are due to infractions such as extended breaks or personal activities during work hours. 

With environmental factors such as bad weather and mechanical problems causing 10 percent of all vehicle accidents, safety monitoring is also a must for personal vehicles. 

4. Route Mapping

Traffic accidents, road construction and closures, and other unforeseen circumstances are out of anyone’s control. A real-time tracking system can minimize any disruptions caused by these by creating  route maps with the best approaches.

Route mapping identifies the most direct way, and important stops, such as gas stations, restaurants, and other points of interest. It also stores information on previously visited spots, for easy reference.

5. Vehicle Maintenance Reminders & Scheduling

Maintenance schedules are far too often neglected, resulting in low fuel, overdue oil changes, flat tires, and other potential hazards. 

Regular reminders of when to service vehicles or trucks are important, and can help avert costly maintenance repairs and replacement parts, and lower insurance premiums.  


Ensuring Safety Benefits & Peace of Mind

Real-time tracking devices such as Connected Car help protect loved ones and employees, provide vital assistance during emergencies, and ensure your vehicles are well maintained and in top shape.  

Whether managing a commercial fleet or personal vehicle, consult reputable service provider General Security to learn about the best GPS and smart vehicle tracking systems for all your needs, and invaluable peace of mind. 

General Security provides vehicle tracking and monitoring devices for enhanced safety and analytics. Request a free quote from us today! 

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