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Is Your Home Secure from Burglary?

Published 02/02/2018 by General Security


There has been an increase in cases of insecurity all over the world. The most common have been house home burglaries, as many people are after our investments on electronics and other valuables. Indeed, every 14.6 seconds there is a burglary that is recorded. The worth of valuables that are lost cannot be accounted for, as some have sentimental attachments that cannot be monetized. This begs the question: is your home secure?

There are numerous ways robbers can get access to our homes. In most cases, they will access the house through the door as some door locks are very useless, as they can be easily manipulated. Some people are careless enough to leave their spare door keys under their door mats. This is a quick guess for anybody who wants to get into the house.

Another easy entrance is through the window—most people do not lock their windows for unknown reasons. This gives easy access to anybody with malicious minds. Unlocked garage doors are another entry point used by burglars. As a result, it is always wise to securely lock your garage before leaving your house.

Burglars are clever people, and they can use any means to get to your house. If you think your dog is enough security, then be warned, as thieves have their special way of tricking pets with food. They can also easily detect a security system that is loosely fixed, and manipulate it. You can ensure maximum security in your home by getting a trusted security system that can detect unusual movements in the house and raise an alarm. You should also ensure that the house is well kept by clearing any bushes and tall grass in the compound to erase all hiding grounds. Hiring professionals to fix unique electronic locks in your house to make it burglar proof is a good option to consider, as well.

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