Innovations and Home Security Trends

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Innovations and Home Security Trends

Published 03/17/2018 by General Security


Concerns and speculation are emerging over what will be the coming trends in the home security industry. Surprisingly, the word ”traditional” is the one consistently mentioned.

Homeowners Want to Keep their House Safe

By tradition, many homeowners still purchase the home security alarms and equipment that have been keeping residences safe for decades. Those in the market for security systems are not yet comfortable with the new technology and home security trends.  For now, mobile apps and remote monitoring systems are not what people looking to either prevent break-ins or be alerted to fires wish to invest in. However, in time, this will likely change, as these features increase the effectiveness of security systems. 

Mobile Apps and Remote Monitoring are in Demand

Yet, it is still strongly advisable to those wishing to safeguard their home to look closely at home security trends, such as the new mobile apps and remote monitoring systems on the market. These units can ensure even those traveling far distances away from their homes are always able to check on the status of their home. With fully advanced automation systems, the ability to fully control the security system of the property from greater distances can be done effectively.

No matter where someone may be, distance should not be a preclusion to keeping a home safe.

Wireless Controls and Apps with Multi-Year Batteries Dominate

Home security trends reveal technology continues to advance to incredible levels. New wireless apps can control locks, lights, and even temperature settings through a smartphone. Further innovations may even allow homeowners to control appliances through apps capable of regulating electrical outlets.

Among the reasons why some may be apprehensive about any type of home automation is older homes are extensively hardwired. Therefore, having home automation work performed might be costly and time consuming.

The investment, however, may very well be worth it if the end result is a much safer one and one that can be monitored even from very remote distances.

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