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Top Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

Commercial Security Systems VoIP Communications Aug 2, 2021 10:46:05 AM General Security 5 min read

VoIP Phones lined up and connected

Whether you own a large enterprise corporation, small business, or work from a home office, consistent and clear communication is key. Just one missed or dropped call can be the difference between closing a deal, or having potential and current customers look elsewhere.

The need for reliable communication is sending businesses of all types, sizes, and industries toward Voice-over Internet Protocol—a communication avenue known for reliability, flexibility, scalability, and productivity.

An efficient bottom line is another reason why VoIP is gaining popularity. According to VoIP provider RingCentral, this technology provides businesses up to 68 percent cost savings over traditional phone solutions.

With VoIP phone systems utilizing the Internet to place and receive calls, it’s designed with today’s constantly changing workforces in mind. This includes benefits for in-house, remote, or hybrid employees, as well as companies with multiple locations in different area codes and time zones. 

Certain features and benefits of VoIP phones can ensure employees never miss a call, meeting, or message—whether they’re out of the office or simply away from their desk. 

Below, we’ll provide a brief overview of this technology, as well as its features, benefits, advantages, uses, and more. 


What Is a VoIP Phone System?

Unlike a traditional landline phone system, VoIP phones utilize the IP or Internet Protocol to place and receive calls. Communication is developed through small data packets, which are then transmitted over the IP network. This could be connected via the Internet, telephone service provider, or a combination of both. All calls are then transmitted via a PBX or Private Branch eXchange. Originating in how operators would switch phone lines to connect and disconnect callers, PBX hardware manages the network’s call routing and switching between the business and telephone network.

With so many other technologies, such as security cameras, along with television and music streaming services shifting to an Internet-based protocol, VoIP has gained in popularity due to ease of use, flexibility, and cost savings.

Unlike copper phone lines in a traditional system, the platform is implemented, maintained and serviced by a reputable company with a VoIP phone provider partnership, such as General Security. They can also remotely handle upgrades and other updates with little to no interruptions. 

VoIP Advantages Over Traditional Telephony

Regardless of your business model or industry, VoIP has distinct advantages over traditional telephony systems. One of the biggest is placing and receiving long-distance calls from anywhere within the continental United States, and various international locations. Business owners will never have to worry about hidden costs, taxes, roaming fees, and other surcharges.

Another advantage is recurring monthly billing. Most providers offer an a la carte or all-inclusive subscription package boasting call forwarding, recording, voicemail, caller ID, and others. Some packages will also cover security, mobility, and necessary repairs.

If you’re unsure of the most advantageous features and benefits for your business, it’s best to work with a reputable service provider with VoIP partnerships, such as General Security. They can help navigate these and other available options.

According to VoIP provider RingCentral, this technology provides businesses up to 68 percent cost savings over traditional phone solutions.


VoIP Features & Benefits

Utilizing a VoIP phone system implemented through General Security and RingCentral includes several features and benefits to streamline businesses of all sizes.

Consider the following highlights: 

  • Easy to Use & Cost-Effective: Transfer as many phone numbers as you wish from desktop phones, softphones or mobile phones at an affordable price.

  • Quick Implementation: Scale up or down as your business grows and changes, and easily add employees, departments, and new locations with minimal disruption. 

  • Never Miss a Call: With RingCentral’s AutoReceptionist, you’ll always have consistent coverage via multiple extensions and shared lines.  

  • Check Messages from Anywhere: Automatic voicemail transcription facilitates easy review and follow-up calls. 

  • Keep Your Current Phone Number: Maintain consistency with the same phone number, even if you’re switching from a different carrier. Dependent on your location, it's also best to check with General Security, who can quickly verify that all relevant phone lines can be ported over.

  • Shift from Desktop to Mobile: If you’re working from home, in office, or both, easily switch between desktop and mobile phones for easy communication.

  • Sound & Clarity: Uncompressed, high-quality data delivers the highest audio without interruption. 

  • Team Collaboration: Conduct communication with other teammates during meetings and calls, regardless of their respective locations. 

  • Admin Dashboards: Manage all phone lines and track service and usage from one central location.

Utilizing a VoIP phone system implemented through General Security and RingCentral includes several features and benefits to streamline businesses of all sizes.

Commercial Security & VoIP Phone Systems

As previously mentioned, General Security recently partnered with RingCentral to offer VoIP phone systems to commercial and small businesses. Whether you’re currently working with us, or are thinking of adding a system, we can assist as your “one-stop shop” for all your security and communication needs.

When integrated with a smart commercial security package, a VoIP solution through RingCentral can facilitate a full selection of communication tools for ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and more.


VoIP Options & Packages

Whether you’re looking to add VoIP communications for on-site, remote, or hybrid employees, it’s best to work with a reputable provider boasting a partnership with a cloud-based VoIP phone provider, such as RingCentral. We can help you choose the best options and services packages, features, and benefits for your business and employees. 

Through its partnership with RingCentral, General Security provides innovative VoIP phone systems for businesses with both on-site and remote employees. Request a free quote from us today.