Tips To Help You Purchase a Home Security System

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Tips To Help You Purchase a Home Security System

Published 01/06/2018 by General Security


Cases of home intrusion are not uncommon in many neighborhoods in the country, and that’s why most homeowners rely on security systems to keep their property and family safe. When installed correctly, a security system, and the alarm monitoring feature that comes with it, guarantees emergency response from local law enforcement in case of a break-in. However, choosing the right system can be tricky.

Hundreds of companies offer home security systems and most of them employ high-pressure sales tactics, complicated contracts and widely varying prices. For the average homeowner, trying to purchase a home security system that is right for him or her requires proper research and evaluation.

A basic security system is wired to a central control panel in the house, which gets triggered when a door or window is opened. There are a number of advanced systems which also include fire and carbon monoxide detection, glass break detectors, motion sensors and other home automation features.

A survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center revealed that 80% of homeowners found their systems perfectly reliable after installation. The only major concern is the hassles that consumers face when shopping for a system. A lot of companies rely on high-pressure sales and scare tactics to get consumers to spend money.

According to Robert Krughoff, president of Consumer’s Checkbook, home security systems range widely in price, but that doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the product. Some high cost systems tend to rate poorly on quality, while significantly low cost systems offer comprehensive features and high-quality service.

Before you set up to purchase a home security system, you should consider the following factors to help narrow down your search.


Tips before buying a security system:
  • Do you need a home security system? Sometimes deadbolts and window locks work just as well, so consider all options.
  • Cable companies offer home security systems. These systems come with advanced features, such as online monitoring, but you may need more basic features like police notification and fire alarms.
  • Insurance discounts. Homeowners get a 5% insurance discount on home insurance premiums for installing a security system with monitoring. That however, does not offset the cost of monitoring, so shop wisely.

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