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Video surveillance has been a key component of many organizations’ safety and security protocol for decades. As an application, video surveillance has demonstrated its value and benefits countless times by providing real-time monitoring of a facility's environment, people, and assets and recording events for subsequent investigation, proof of compliance/audit purposes.

As security risks increase, the need to visually monitor and record events in an organization's environment has become even more important. Moreover, the value of video surveillance has grown significantly with the introduction of motion, heat, and sound detection sensors as well as sophisticated video analytics. As a result, many industries have also found value in video monitoring and recording. In transportation, video surveillance systems monitor traffic congestion. In retail, video can be helpful in identifying customer movement throughout a store, or serve to alert management when the number of checkout lines should be changed. Product and package shipment operations can use recorded video to help track and validate the movement of cargo and help to locate lost packages. Additionally, video surveillance can be integrated with and complement access control policies, providing video corroboration of access credential use.

Triad Security Systems allows clients to keep a closer eye on all areas of business. Review the following functions and see how video surveillance can help your business.

  • Real-Time Video Monitoring
  • Improve Quality of Surveillance
  • Easily Implemented
  • Decrease Labor Costs

Installing surveillance cameras at your company’s building and surrounding grounds has a number of benefits. Consider the following:

  • Legal Concerns
  • Employee Safety
  • Operational Improvements
  • Monitoring & Training
  • Multiple Location Monitoring
  • Decrease Loss with Video Surveillance

Triad Security System Features:

Real-Time Video Monitoring

Triad Security offers systems that display live video in real time. Also in real time are alerts for security policies setup by the client. Various alerts can be set up to notify appropriate personnel immediately when there is a threat. These include email notification, SMS messaging (text messaging), on-screen alerts, alarms and triggers and even contacting the proper authorities.


Improve Quality of Surveillance

With a system installed and maintained by Triad Security Systems, each client has the ability to be notified immediately when unusual activity is detected. This allows any available personnel to react upon alerts from the system.


Easily Implemented

Triad can integrate a digital video surveillance system with existing CCTV/Analog systems or implement with new state of the art IP network cameras. With a wide range of compatible cameras, software can be implemented in any solution using security cameras.


Decrease Labor Costs

Thanks to remote system monitoring and management, handling alerts signaling a possible threat require less personnel to view video. With standard video systems, someone must always be watching for unwanted visitors but with state of the art software watching for the client, more video can be watched by a lower number of people. Video no longer needs to be watched by a live person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This decreases labor costs and increases productivity.

Security Camera
Security Video Camera

Operational Improvements

There are a variety of operational uses for video, depending on the type of business. Video used to monitor equipment in manufacturing or fulfillment environments can quickly identify problems that may cause delays or bottlenecks. This allows for quicker verification of the problem and speedy responses, getting production back on track more quickly. Not only during emergencies, but in the regular course of business, video can provide valuable insight into process effectiveness.

In retail environments, video can be used to make sure that stores are appropriately staffed. During off-peak hours, cashiers can be assigned to clean up and during peak hours, managers can ensure that there are enough cashiers in the front.
Shipping and receiving efficiency is another area where businesses can lose inventory, time and money. Video can be used to ensure that goods are being properly received and tracked from the moment they are unloaded from the truck. Video can capture information such as: Did the right person receive the goods? Did that person follow the proper protocol? Was the material properly stored and stocked? Video can capture a failure in the process or suspicious behavior by delivery personnel or warehouse recipients. Operational uses of video are many, as the power to see provides managers with an easy way to understand how the business is operating on a daily basis.


Monitoring and Training

Video can help monitor employee activities and provide proper training in every aspect of the business. Awareness of video being used on the premises generally deters unwanted behavior. Employees who understand that they are being monitored while on the job are much less likely to cause problems, be unproductive or steal. Deterrence alone can reduce loss and incidences. In addition, video of employees in the work environment can be used for training purposes, presenting actual rather than hypothetical situations. Video may capture both appropriate and inappropriate employee conduct to train others on either the right or wrong way to react in a particular scenario. Video may also be used to verify training consistency across locations. In another example, if accidents are frequently caused by employees improperly accessing inventory on very high shelves, then a camera may be placed to capture video in that area and collect information about whether or not proper safety protocol is being followed when pulling that inventory. If not, employees may be disciplined or retrained. If so, then the company can track the reduction in accidents as a result of employees following proper procedures and report this success to upper management.

Multiple Location Monitoring

For risk managers overseeing multiple locations, network video offers the ability to compare images from different locations from a single, central terminal. For instance, a particular store or location might be experiencing a much higher rate of incidences than others. It can be difficult when not on site to understand the factors contributing to the higher rate of incidences. But by comparing video across locations, risk managers can often identify at least some of the causes of the discrepancy.

Decrease Loss with Video Surveillance

  • 75% of Employees report stealing from their company at least once during their tenure. [Reference:]
  • $20 Billion annual cost of internal theft to restaurants each year. [Reference: National Restaurant Association]
  • $74,000 Lost annually through shrinkage by the average restaurant (For each $1 million in Sales) [Reference: Restaurant Food Cost Association]