Fire Alarms

Triad Security has expertise in installing, integrating and maintaining life safety devices for commercial use.

A fire alarm system is a fire protection system that detects fire or the effects of fire, and as a result provides one or more of the following: notifies the occupants, notifies persons in the surrounding area, summons the fire department, and controls all the fire alarm components in a building. Fire alarm systems can include alarm initiating devices, alarm notification appliances, control units, emergency exits, fire safety control devices, annunciators, smoke detectors, heat sensors or detectors, pull stations, power supplies, and wiring.


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Security Systems have many benefits: they can deter intruders, alert authorities to intrusions and provide you with peace of mind. However, they also have limits. A loud sound or bright light won't be enough to scare away all intruders. To help keep your building, assets and employees safe, your security system must alert the police to help them respond to a break-in.

When you install a security system with Triad Security, you have the option of further protecting your business by using Central Station Alarm Monitoring. Sometimes it can be referred to as digital monitoring or central station monitoring. Central Station Alarm Monitoring enhances the protection of your facility by use of digital equipment inside the system. The equipment is connected to a phone line. In the event of an emergency or other situation, the system will alert the Central Monitoring Station. An experienced, trained operator will respond to the situation and consult the call list you have created.


Central Station Monitoring can be effective for any alarmed event such as:
  • Sprinkler alarms
  • Temperature supervision
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Water pressure supervision
  • Supervised opening/closing

Upon Detection

When your alarm system detects one of these alarmed events, it transmits specific information about the alarm directly to our UL Listed monitoring station. Within seconds, this information, along with information about you and your business is available on computer displays that are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by trained operators. These highly trained professionals will notify the call list you’ve provided, police, fire department or ambulance of the alarm at your address.


Schlage Certified

Triad Security Systems is also a certified Schlage SMS/Schlage Security Management System dealer (formerly Geoffrey Access Control Systems). Schlage provides a complete line of access control hardware and software products to fit your needs. Schlage also provides a full line of expandable access control hardware to complement our suite of software offerings. Schlage hardware includes reader controllers, reader interfaces, wireless readers, I/O modules, controller communications, power supplies, custom enclosures, readers, and credentials.


Access control software functionality includes:

alarm monitoring, credential production (photo ID badging), intrusion detection integration, visitor management, elevator control, offline and online lock integration, security guard tours, and portrait monitoring.

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Credential Production (photo ID badging)
  • Intrusion Detection Integration
  • Visitor Management
  • Elevator Control
  • Offline and Online Lock Integration
  • Security Guard Tours
  • Portrait Monitoring