Simple or complex, S&F Technologies will handle your needs with prompt, friendly service and quality care, backed by years of expertise with all the latest technologies.

Do more from home. Many people run businesses out of their homes, telecommute, or need sophisticated home systems to manage the constantly expanding technology needs of a family. Few have the time to ensure the home systems are kept running as efficiently as possible. S&F's expertise takes the complexity out of technology to make sure your home systems run smoothly and safely. 

Make your business more productive. Today's technology can help make your business more productive and efficient. With the demands of the workplace, getting more done in less time means success in the business world and helps add to your bottom line.

We work to ensure that you have the right systems in place and educate you on additional options available.

S&F Technologies - Services

S&F specializes in the installation & maintenance of:

  • Telephone, voice mail, paging, and intercom systems
    NEC and most other major manufacturers

  • Computer and telephony integration software

  • Cabling for telephone and computer networks
    Data, Voice, Fiber, CAT5/CAT6, Aerial, Direct Bury, Specialty, Audio/Video, Copper

  • Wide-area WiFi Networks from Home to Campus-size Network Environments

  • Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and WiFi solutions

  • Surveillance systems & security cameras
    Commercial & Residential: License Plate Capture, IP, Infrared, Pan Tilt Zoom; Motion Recording and DVR's

  • Infrastructure and technical consulting

  • Burglar and fire alarm systems
    Commercial & Residential: 24 Hour Central Station Monitoring, Emergency Call, Hold Up & Panic Buttons

  • Environmental climate control systems for potential insurance discounts
    Temperature Control, Water Level Sensor, Moisture Sensor

  • Card access & keyless entry
    Card Swipe, Key Fob, BioScan, IP & Standard Systems, Mag Locks and Door Strikes

  • Other emerging technologies