Alarm Monitoring via Landline or Cellular?

When you are using a telephone line alarm monitoring system, it simply means that you’re using a security system that sends alarm signals through the phone line to the central monitoring station. Therefore, your telephone service could be the new digital or VIOP service or the old standard service (POTS or PSTN).

Glossary for abbreviations

  • VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone System
  • PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network

Both methods work well. When you are using either of these services, you need to have an exterior cable or wire connected to your business premises or home. The cable connects you to your internet service provider or Phone Company.

The main benefit of monitoring your security system using the phone line technology is the cost. Therefore, if you feel that you need to use security services in your business at a low cost, you can make use of the existing phone lines. This can help you save close to $10 every month.

Telephone line VS cellular alarm monitoring – Which one is best?

Cellular alarm monitoring is by far much better than telephone alarm line monitoring due to the following reasons;

  1. Telephone line alarm is less secure than cellular phone alarm. This is because burglars can easily cut the wires to prevent communication between the security system and the central monitoring center. To prevent this from happening, you should use the cellular alarm monitoring as the primary method of communication between your security system and the central monitoring center. If you still want to use phone line monitoring, make sure that you attach a cellular alarm backup communicator.
  2. Phone line (PSTN) restricts you from enjoying the benefits offered by modern feature rich security systems. These include functions like remote access. When you are using cellular alarm monitoring, you can use any web based device to access and control the security remotely. This is not possible if you are using a phone line. The cellular option also makes it possible for to stream live or recorded video from any web based device.

The decision on the monitoring method to use should be based on how much you want spend per month on security, the level of security you want and whether you want to access and control your security system remotely or not. Choose an affordable solution that meets your needs.