Long Island Security Systems

Many nights, the evening news begins with a story about a home break-in in or around the community. This is a scary type of story to watch, because it can happen to just about anyone. General Security was founded over 30 years ago on the north shore of Long Island NY. To this very day we are still family owned and operated with offices spanning from Buffalo NY to North Carolina with our headquarters in Long Island. General Security is currently one of the largest & fastest growing security companies in the United States. Top tier Long Island security systems are available for your home, apartment or commercial property with General Security. Having one of these alarm systems installed brings you many advantages that are more than worth the cost of installation and monitoring.

If your Long Island home does not have an alarm system, research shows that you are three times as likely to go through a theft as is someone with an armed security system. Intruders will break into your house, hear the alarm go off, and most likely take off before the police come without taking anything of much value. Then they will go find a house that does not have a security system.

Whether it is a fire or burglar threatening to menace your home, when you have a monitored Long Island security system, you are more likely to emerge safely from a dangerous situation with little or no loss. Whether you are home or not, you know that if something happens to your dwelling, General Security and our Long Island alarm systems are there to protect it!

Whether you are insuring a home or just contents (if you are renting), if there is an armed security system in place, your premiums are likely to be lower. Insurers realize that having that alarm system reduces your chances of filing a claim for replacement of lost items, so they are willing to pass some of those savings along to you as well.

If you are a senior citizen, or your parents or grandparents are living independently but are starting to have some health issues, a Long Island home security system is a must. These are just some of the many benefits of having an armed security system in place in your home. No matter where you reside on Long Island security systems can provide you with the sense of safety that you and your family deserve. Our professional, friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a fee estimate on getting your Long Island home security system. Contact us today and speak with a local representative about some home security and alarm options available to you and your family.